Lawyer Explains Why Moaning During Sex Is A Crime


A lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has explained why incessant loud moaning during sex should be an offence punishable by law.

Ampaw from Ghana argues that moaning infringes on the rights of others and must be stopped. Speaking to myjoyonline, he said:

“Why is it that you are having sex, I cannot sleep? In a compound house, they are having sex with you and everybody cannot sleep, you are infringing upon their rights to privacy and you are committing a crime because you are committing what we call a sexual nuisance.

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“Everything that makes noise, everything that makes you uncomfortable is a nuisance.

“There are some girls when they are having sex and you are passing on the streets, you will hear them moaning and screaming.

“The worst ones are the men. If you are a man and you are having sex and you are talking and moaning, can’t you control yourself? You should have self-control.

“When animals are having sex do you hear them moaning like that?”

Ampaw further cited an instance of when he had to lodge in a hotel and could not sleep because of the noise coming from a couple who also lodged in the same hotel.

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“After I had finished with a hard day’s work at 7 o’clock I checked into my room and this guy and this girl came to town to rest, I was lying down before I could realize, [their] bed [was making noise] and then I woke up, I could not sleep and the girl was giving commentary.

“If you are enjoying, enjoy but don’t come and infringe on [my rights]…We must put a stop to it,” the lawyer argued.

There has not been an extensive study on why women moan during sex, but a research study suggests that it may not be caused as a result of an orgasm.

According to Consumer Health Digest, the study consisted of 71 healthy and sexually active women, who agreed to answer a series of questions concerning the type and amount of noise they made during sex. These women, who ranged in ages from 18-48, all agreed that there were other reasons for them making those moaning noises during sex. In fact, 66% of the women admitted to using vocal noises to help their partner reach a climax, while 87% did it to help their partner’s self-esteem.

One of the main reasons that these noises do not occur during a female orgasm, is that most women climax during foreplay. It is more difficult for a woman to have a vaginal orgasm than it is for her to have one through clitoral stimulation. In fact, most women reported that they had already climax before they began making noises for their partners. The majority of men and women feel that these copulatory vocalizations are normal and a necessary part of intercourse.

Moreover, it is not just humans who loudly proclaim their pleasure during sex, researchers in the wild have discovered the same copulatory vocalization with female baboons and macaque monkeys. The female baboons tend to use more complex and varied noises the closer they are to ovulation and how high ranking their mate is in the pack. Female macaques, however, tend to use their vocalizations to help their partner’s orgasm.

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It has been proven that moaning is a normal and natural part of sexual intercourse, and it can greatly enhance one’s sex life. It can show pleasure, and boost self-confidence levels. These copulatory vocal noises can also push partners into climatic orgasms.