Lauretta Onochie: Call For Buhari To Reveal Health Status Is Disrespectful 


The Personal Assistant to the President on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie said on Monday that it is disrespectful for anyone to ask for the details of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s health status.

According to the Presidential aide, President Buhari’s absence had not affected governance in Nigeria because he handed over to his vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, in accordance with the law.

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In a media appearance on Channel TV, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie addressed the issue of the latest protested by some coalition of youths in Abuja demanding that the President should resume or resign.

The group also demanded the disclosure of Buhari’s health status.

Speaking on via the media outlet, Lauretta Onochie said it is solely up to Buhari to disclose his health status if he pleases.

She said:

“It is very insensitive of anyone to begin to call on someone who is unwell to resume. Governance is going on, the role of the President is that of coordination; governance is a collective duty. When he (Buhari) was leaving, power was fully transferred to the Vice President and today, we have an Acting President.

“I have no idea why anybody would disrespect another by asking for the details of their health status. As we speak, we have an Acting President; President Buhari seems to be a private citizen at the moment; it is very disrespectful for anyone to ask for his health status.”

The presidential aide insisted that as long as President Buhari has not violated any constitutional provision he should not be placed under pressure.

“The President has acted constitutionally; he has not broken any law, any rule or any constitutional provisions in our nation. The prerogative to tell Nigerians lies only on President Buhari; it is disrespectful and intrusive, it is not right, it is not appropriate.

Meanwhile, Nigerian presidency has mocked the flopping of a planned protest against Muhammadu Buhari in London yesterday, August 7, 2017.

Mrs. Onochie who revealed this via her social media platform shared a photograph of only four protesters to confirm that the planned version of the protest in London failed.

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Hauling all the blame on the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, she tweeted quote:

“Today’s Deji Adeyanju-led PDP-sponsored protest at Abuja House London. Four people turned up.

“Neighbours called the police. As they had no Police Permit to hold a rally. They took to their heels. “One of them said he had no money to pay his way back home. Our man who was on hand to monitor the situation gave him £5. He was happy and went home. “Shame on insensitive PDP. Shame on them.

“Thank you Nigerians for your love and prayers for our President, Muhammadu Buhari, the nightmare of corrupt people.

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