Mercy Aigbe Has Mental Issues And I Have Papers To Prove This – Husband


More stories are coming up about the marriage crisis of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe and her husband Lanre Gentry.

According to a chat with BONOnline, Lanre Gentry alleged that his wife has mental issues and he can prove that with papers.

He said they have taken the actress to various places in order to make her health stable but her condition continued to fluctuate.

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Lanre Gentry also disclosed that contrary to the news that he beat her up, it was Mercy that ganged up with her friends in her Luminee House, to attack him. He claimed that while the others beat him, his wife hit him hard with a stool.

Lanre swore that he had never laid his hand on Mercy even when he caught her several times with different men.

He cited a 2016 incident where she said that she was going to China for 2 weeks but instead, went to a Dubai hotel with a man.

Larry showed BON different WhatsApp conversations and a particular one where Mercy was asking a third-party to get some dollars from the man for her.

Lanre said:

“When I confronted my wife, she said she only wanted to collect money from him, a married woman!!! But I discovered that it was the same man who paid for the Magodo house she just moved to.

“See, I understand her antics too well. All she wants is be free to live the life of a single woman. What I have tolerated from her all these years, no man can tolerate from any woman.

“I worshiped her and I have deposited N8m at Benefit Motors to buy her a N16m Range Rover Evoque for her 40th birthday. I have also paid N1.2m for a hall opposite Sheraton Hotel to celebrate her big, but she has her eyes on other things.”

When asked why he has not consulted her family to intervene, he says Mercy has no regard for her parents, citing an example of last year when her dad collapsed while on the queue to get his pension and was rushed to the hospital.

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When Mercy was informed she lied that she was in Calabar and never went to visit her dad. He claimed that he was the one that went there and spent about N180k and also placed Mercy’s mother on a salary of N25k per month, she she doesn’t send them money.

Meanwhile, below is a video captured on the day Mercy Aigbe packed out from her husband’s house.

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