Lai Mohammed Slams PDP For Asking Buhari To Resign


Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has slammed the PDP once again for asking President Buhari to resign, calling the former ruling party a shameless irritant which is bent on distracting the government from its rescue mission and returning the country to ”Egypt”.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had in a statement released on Wednesday through its spokesman, Prince Dayo Adeyeye urged President Muhammadu Buhari to resign and allow more competent people capable of fixing the economy do so as it was obvious that the President has run out of ideas needed to revive the ailing economy.

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Lai Mohammed  in a statement released today via his Special Adviser, Segun Adeyemi, responded saying:

”We are on a rescue mission to resuscitate Nigeria after the PDP left it in a coma, and the noise from the same PDP seems designed to sabotage the rescue efforts. But we are not deterred.”

According to Lai Mohammed, if the PDP had understood the meaning of shame, it would never have dared to even make a single comment on the same economy that it did everything to kill.

‘While the PDP was emasculating Nigeria on all fronts, including social, economic and political, the rapacious party was deceiving Nigerians by giving them the illusion of growth and prosperity.

“Instead of showing remorse and rebuilding itself to a strong opposition party, the PDP has continued to blame the successor Buhari Administration which is left to pack their mess.

“PDP undertakers have continued to engage in a blame game, when they should be hiding from the shame they brought upon themselves and the nation.”

Lai Mohammed
Lai Mohammed slams PDP

Mohammed said what the PDP-led administration kept putting up a vibrant economy under its watch, which  was nothing but a bubble that was buoyed by massive corruption and chronic incompetence, an economy in which someone without any known means of earned livelihood would boast of $31.5 million!

“They keep saying we should stop talking of the past, yet the past will not stop rearing its head.

“They keep saying we should no longer refer to the past, but how can we forget so soon that our foreign exchange reserves plummeted from $62bn in 2008 to $30bn by 2015, at a time when oil prices were at a historic high, reaching a level of $114 per barrel in 2014.

“By comparison, Indonesia, another oil producing economy with a high population, increased its reserves from $60 billion in 2008 to $120 billion in 2015.

“The candid truth is that we failed under the successive PDP administrations to save for the rainy day, and we need to constantly remind ourselves of that so that we won’t repeat the mistake.”

Mr. Lai Mohammed however, pointed that one of the achievements of the PDP was reducing the nation’s national debt. But he also pointed out that:

”However, at the time that we were earning such large revenues from oil, we only managed to double our external debt from $5.6 billion to $10.7 billion between 2011 and 2015 but the case of domestic debt was even worse, almost tripling from N888 billion to N2.1 trillion in the same period.”

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The statement also revealed that over N4.5 trillion was spent on fuel subsidy in just two years under the PDP! Despite a recent oil boom.

“The economy that the Buhari Administration inherited was certainly in dire straits, if the huge amount of salary arrears that were being owed at various tiers of government is anything to go by.

“If, after earning so much resources and increasing the total debt stock, our governments were not able to meet salary obligations, sometimes for up to seven months, then something was definitely wrong somewhere and if this is not evidence of a collapsing economy, one wonders what it is.” 

He added that in just a space of about 15 months, the Buhari Administration has liberated the north-east region from the clutches of Boko Haram, which is now left to release meaningless videos when it could no longer carry out spectacular attacks,” he said.

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Lai Mohammed also said the government will continue to welcome constructive criticism, as it had nothing to learn from a party that was in charge of the nation’s affairs at a time of plenty, but ended up frittering away the commonwealth, looting the nation blind and setting the stage for today economic crisis, which the Buhari administration is working tirelessly to put an end to.

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