Lagos Lagoon: RSS Stops Another Suicidal Man From Jumping Into The Lagoon


An emerging report has it that the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) rescued a man from jumping into the Lagos Lagoon, yesterday, Sunday, March 26. A journalist, Malik Nasir, who shared the news on Facebook wrote:

“Yet Another Suicide Attempt At the Lagos Lagoon today. He was rescued before he could take the plunge.
“An Ifa Priest has said in a national daily that “the Lagoon is Angry 😠?
“How do we appease the Lagoon please?
“Good Morning. 🌄”

With the rate at which people are attempting suicide, it seems taking one’s life is gradually turning into a trend and becoming rampant. Barely a week ago, after a 35-year-old medical doctor, Allwell Orji, committed suicide by jumping over the Third Mainland Bridge into the Lagos Lagoon, 2 more people, both women, were prevented from taking the leap.

The women, in separate incidences, attempted to jump into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge and Carter Bridge in Lagos. Abigail Ogunyinka succeeded in jumping into the lagoon but was quickly rescued by divers while the other woman, Taiwo Titilayo Momoh, was rescued as she tried to jump into the Lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge.

The two women gave reasons why they attempted to kill themselves.

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Ogunyinka said:

“I owe two microfinance banks, one N60,000 and the other N90, 000 and the banks have been troubling me. I have looked all through and there is no help. I don’t want to face embarrassment. I took my house help along with me and I told her we were going to the market.

“I took her along so she would tell my people and those that I owe that I did not run away with their money. I wanted her to tell them that I had ended my life, but, she raised alarm when I plunged into the lagoon. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gone with her because I am going back to the same problem.”

Momoh, who also blamed financial problems, said:

“I am blaming the police and the people who rescued me. I am a trader at Balogun Market and I took goods from four foreigners who trusted me. I owe $36,000 and I was swindled by a bureau de change operator.

Since I was duped, I have not been sleeping. It is as if I am carrying a heavy load. I have not been sleeping. I see those I owe in the dreams.

“My problem now is that I have been rescued, I will still face disgrace. I still want to die because I have betrayed the trust my business partners had in me.”

Meanwhile, in a bid to explain the constant urge to end it all in the lagoon via suicide, Ifa priest, Chief Omo-Oba Olorunwa Ayekonilogbon, suggested that it is possible the water is hungry and angry.

He, therefore, advised that His Royal Highness, Oba Rilwan Akiolu of Lagos, needs to urgently assemble credible traditionalists…

“…I mean Ifa priests, to find out why the lagoon has suddenly become angry. All what the Babalawos need do is get close to the water, take a little for consultation. Ifa is capable and would surely reveal why all these things are happening. Until that is done, we might be chasing shadows,” he said.

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