Watch Lady Gaga’s Teary Confession About The Dark Side Of Fame


The US most controversial celebrity, Stefani Germanotta, AKA, Lady Gaga has reveal that life of fame is not all pancakes as she speaks to the media about what she misses the most in life.

As she talked about her newest album, ‘Joanne’, the 30-year-old star opened up about her love life, family and the real person behind the facade; her old life as an aspiring singer performing in dive bars.

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“I don’t know that you can put a label on growth. I’m just me. I’m 30; it’s just what I want to do now,”  Gaga said of Joanne, which she calls her most honest album yet.

The renowned superstar expressed how important her family is – more than fame.

“Making your dad happy is — especially for an Italian Catholic girl — it feels really good. And I feel that today. All the awards in the world, you can get into all the nightclubs, they’ll send you the nicest clothes.

“Nothing better than walking into your dad’s restaurant and seeing a smile on his face and knowing that your mom and dad and sister are real proud of you and that you haven’t lost touch with who you are. That, for me, is real success.”

Sharing her opinion about love and relationships, Lady Gaga whose engagement with Taylor Kinney, 35, ended in July 2016, after five years of courtship, hinted on the difference between how women express love from how the men do.

“I think women love very hard. We love men, we just love with everything we have. And sometimes, I don’t know that love is met with the type of dignity that we wish it would be met with.

“We’re not trying to make you less of a man; we just want you to love us as deeply and as wholesomely and as fully as we love you.”

The Diva got emotional as she spoke of life in the spotlight and belonging to everyone and no longer being free.

“As soon as I go out into the world, I belong, in a way, to everyone else. It’s legal to follow me, it’s legal to stalk me at the beach, I can’t call the police or ask them to leave. 

“And I took a long hard look at that property line and I said well, you know, if I can’t be free out there, I’m going to be free in here .”

She told her interviewer, Cowan that the album Joanne in dive bar  is the reminiscent of where she started and a true expression of what she wants to do if the life of fame ends.

“It reminds me that if this were to all go away tomorrow, all the big success, that I would still be very happy. Going from bar to bar, playing music for people.”

When asked if that was the intent of ‘Joanne’ — ‘getting to do whatever you want do’, Gaga answered; “Yes, sir.”

Shedding tears before eventually saying, “I miss people. I miss, you know, going anywhere and meeting a random person and saying ‘Hi’ and having a conversation about life. I love people.”

But with up to 19.8 million followers on Instagram and 64.5 million followers on Twitter, Lady Gaga might as well kiss her freedom goodbye forever, because even if she as much as sneeze, the whole world would know about it.