Kung Fu Yoga: Jackie Chan Returns To Your Screen In Bollywood Style


Legendary actor Jackie Chan, is back to your screen to spice up entertainment with Bollywood actors in an action-adventure comedy – “Kung Fu Yoga.”

In the Indo-Chinese production, Kung Fu Yoga, Chan stars alongside Bollywood actors such as Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur.

The slapstick comedy which was shot in Dubai, Iceland, Beijing and India, is directed by Hong Kong’s Stanley Tong. It is reported that the Hindi film stars have performed some adrenaline-pumping action sequences in the movie.

Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga

Chan, is currently in Mumbai to promote the movie which was released in China over the weekend and will be launched in India on February 3. Jonathan Shen, one of the film’s Chinese producers says, the movie will be released in around 500 cinemas in India.

Kung Fu Yoga centres on two professors who embark on an epic journey to find lost treasure. Chan plays Chinese archeologist Jack, who pairs up with Indian professor Ashmita, played by Amyra Dastur, for their elaborate adventure in the Chinese and Indian co-produced film.

Their search takes them to Dubai, India, and Tibet where they are ambushed by Sood’s character, the descendant of a rebel army leader, according to movie website imdb.com.

They manage to escape, though, presumably using a combination of short, sharp kicks and slaps mixed with some planks and perhaps a downward-facing dog.

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The film is one of the three Sino-Indian co-productions being made as part of an agreement between the two countries.

The other two projects are a biographical feature of Xuan Zang, based on the seventh-century monk’s pilgrimage to India. The film is China’s official pick for the 89th Academy Awards. Apart from that, there is Buddies in India, which is comedian Wang Baoqiang’s directorial debut. Xuan Zang was released in April and Buddies will premiere during the upcoming Spring Festival.

62-year-old Chan speaking to reporters while on the Kung Fu Yoga promotional event in India said he dreams of making a very different type of movie — a Bollywood romance.

Jackie Chan in Kung Fu Yoga 3

He was quoted as saying:

“I want to do it (Hindi film). Ask some Bollywood director to hire me. No more action for me, I want to do dance and do a love story. I tried very hard to do it (Bollywood film) but the script did not work out. But after 11 years I am here. It’s one of my dreams I want to do it (Bollywood film).

“I would want to come again to India. I come here for film festivals, charity and for films. I know you all love me and even I love you all.”

Contrary to all know Jackie Chan for as a kung fu fighting action star, we anticipate this his latest movie feature which might be the next big thing in Bollywood and beyond.

Last year, the action star was awarded an honorary Oscar at the Eighth Annual Governors Awards at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Los Angeles, after spending 56 years in the movies. But Jackie Chan says he does not work for awards and his only motivation are his fans.

Hear him: “When I make or do any film I don’t think of awards or anything. (My films were considered) cheap action comedy movies. I don’t care as I am not for awards I am for the audience. Even if my films do well at the box office or not do good, or people watch my films or don’t watch my films I will continue to risk my life for every movie.

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They saw (referring to his work) after 56 years I did not change; I was doing the same thing, which is why they decided to give me the Oscar. I think one should continue to do their best always. Oscars came to me and I did not go to Oscars.” he said.