Is Kiss Daniel A Celebrity Or Not?


There is this argument as to if Kiss Daniel is a celebrity or not. He is famous, he has the attention of the media, he has some cash to throw around, yet some say he is just a talented singer and not yet a star.

On May 16, 2016, the pop singer released his much-anticipated debut album “New Era” under G-Worldwide Entertainments. The album is already receiving comments from his fans, colleagues and critiques.

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In less than two years since he stumped into fame, Kiss Daniel has dropped hit tracks and his name is spreading like wild-fire. Although a renowned writer, Joey Akan, in his review of the artiste’s work says Kiss Daniel feels like the real deal, combining substance with the pop-adored ‘fineboyism’ to make music which is immersive, content-filled, and worthy of a “New Era,” another writer says otherwise.

Kiss Daniel

Ayomide Tayo, a pop culture connoisseur and a creative writer for an online magazine, has this to say about the not-so-new kid in the block:

“As Kiss Daniel continues to get the rave reviews he and his ‘team’ should know that the work is not yet done. In this day and age getting the top of the entertainment is more than just dropping a hot album or a top movie.

To be at the very top you have to be a star. Being a star has nothing to do with dropping a hot album – that’s not the core or essence of super-stardom. For Kiss Daniel he is an empty slate right now. Apart from his music there is nothing we can really hold to. What kind of image is he projecting, is he a good guy or a bad guy?

Kiss Daniel

Let’s take a look at some of his contemporaries, Korede Bello and Reekado Banks. Mavin Records has been able to market Korede Bello as the good boy next door, your girlfriend’s BFF and the take-home-to-mama type. Reekado Banks has been branded the opposite way which is the bad boy on the street, and your babe’s secret crush.

After we stop playing their hit records these are the images we hold on to. It is because of their branding that we check their tweets and Instagram photos. We want to have access into their lives. Guys want to be them and ladies want to have them.

Kiss Daniel doesn’t have this- we just know that he is a good singer. And this is very dangerous in the entertainment business. After his song ends are we still thinking about him? Kiss Daniel needs to craft an image for himself or else he will be lost in the cluttered music scene.

Remember Sean Tizzle? Two, three years ago Sean Tizzle was the darling of the music industry. He too also had a very strong debut album. Presently Sean Tizzle has faded away and that is because he failed to project a solid image into our minds.

He ended up floating here and there. Yes you can argue that his subsequent releases were not hits but in this country there are a lot of superstars who haven’t dropped a hit in a while and are still relevant. Kiss Daniel needs to create the mysterious aura and persona around herself. This way he will stick easily on the minds of listeners. Right now he is just a good singer. He needs to be a celebrity as soon as possible.”

Yea or Nah! What Is Your Opinion?