See Leaked Whatsapp Chat Of Boss Offering Married Employee Promotion In Exchange For Sex


A leaked Whatsapp chat revealed details of a conversation between a Kenyan woman and a man, Killian Mabhena, who works with her in the same company but obviously holds a higher position.

Investigation into the man’s Facebook page reveals his name as Killian Mabhena, from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He is married to a beautiful white lady and has two lovely children – a boy and a girl. Mr. Killan works with the Europe branch of an international company, Fleming. This explains why the Kenyan woman saved his name with ‘Killian Fleming’, as seen in the conversation.

The entire conversation is an obvious indication of what most women go through in the employment sector as they strive to strike a balance between working hard to earn a living and maintaining their dignity.

In the chat, the boss, Killian Mabhena, was seen making an offer to the lady – that she would be promoted to the position of a team leader of the international company if only she would accept his demand.

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The woman however, turned down the advances, saying that she would rather remain faithful to her husband than betray him because of a job promotion.

Not moved by the fact that she was married, the boss threatened her with a possible sack since she had not achieved the set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the previous month.

The randy boss went on to tell the lady that the only way to keep her job is to give in to his nefarious desires.

See the conversation below:

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Some men have completely lost all sense of decency that they neither have respect for married women nor the institution of marriage. To them every woman is nothing but a toy! There is God o!