Kate Henshaw Warns Comedian Akpororo to Stop Using Her For Publicity


Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw sent a 48-hour ultimatum of ‘removal’ to Nigerian Comedian, Akpororo, following her image infringement in relation to his upcoming event.

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The comedian has been promoting his comedy show which is scheduled to hold on July 8th and the promotional materials for the event announced Kate Henshaw as the host for the event.

Kate Henshaw

According to Kate Henshaw, she did not consent to that and went on Instagram to clear the air;

“The sooner people recognise this . . . the better it will be for all . . . Do not take my smile and simplicity for stupidity! Notice of 48hrs is hereby given to the organisers to remove my name and image from all publicity associated with this event. Thank you.”

The management of the actress also wrote to the comedian informing him of his infringement:

“We, FK Management, acting as management for Kate Henshaw (our Client), were informed that our Client’s name and image were included in the publicity for an Event (Akpororo Vs Akpororo 2016) holding at Eko Hotel and Suites on Friday 8th of July, 2016, being circulated by the organizers allegedly advertising our client as the host for the event.

“We hereby issue this disclaimer on behalf of our client that:

A – Her name and image are being used without her knowledge and consent.

B – She was not at any time approached by any of the organisers.

C – Contrary to the false publicity being circulated in the media, Kate Henshaw is not in any manner involved with the event ‘Akpororo Vs Akpororo 2016’ holding at Eko Hotel and Suites on Friday 8th of July, 2016.

Thank you. Signed, FK Management for and on behalf of Kate Henshaw.”

In response to all of this brouhaha, Akpororo sent out an apology to Kate Henshaw. He shared a photo of her with the caption:

“Good evening ma @k8henshaw Before anything else just want to say I’m very sorry ma for the misunderstanding. So sorry for not following up after our last conversation about my show (Akpororo vs Akpororo which is taking place at eko hotel and suites July 8th) when you were out of the country the other day. I will never disrespect you or even take you for granted for any reason. I respect you so much ma, please pardon me ma. Thanks and GOD bless you ma.”

Kate Henshaw

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