Akon Says Kardashian Family Curse Responsible For Kanye’s Breakdown


Akon Says Kardashian Family Curse Responsible For Kanye’s Breakdown

Pop Singer, Akon thinks Kanye West’s recent breakdown could be linked to a “Kardashian curse” or outright bad luck.

Kanye West last week had cut short his The Life Of Pablo world tour due to health challenges.

Yeezy later checked into a hospital for psychiatric evaluation this week.


Many have speculating whether or not he is the latest victim of the Kardashian family curse.

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It is quite interesting to note that all the men who have been married to any of the Kardashians have undergone dramatic changes after exiting relationships with the Kardashian women.

Men such as Lamar Odom and Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner.


The “Ghetto” crooner, Akon believes it is worth investigating whether or not the misfortune is due to bad luck or an actual curse.

Kardashian Family Curse May be Behind Kanye’s Woes – Akon

Akon who spoke with TMZ at the airport and the African-American music star had this to say:

“There could be a Kardashian Family Curse.

“I actually thought about that, because at first it was a big joke to everybody.

“But in Africa there have always been sayings that sometimes you can’t deny what you see, but oftentimes the eye may deceive you too.

“But in this case it’s been not what you see, it’s experiences.”

It is, all-be-it too early to begin to speculate on what exactly is responsible for Kanye’s mental health problem.

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Akon further stated:

“It’s hard to comment on something like that as much as the evidence may show you that that’s possible.

“You don’t wanna discredit it as it may just be bad luck and it could be the choices of men that they choose to date too.”

To test all the conspiracy theories about a possible “Kardashian Family Curse”, Akon believes we need to wait for the Kardashian women to enter new relationships.

Or better still, wait until Tyga and Kylie break up (if they ever break up).

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