Joseph Benjamin Condemns Buhari’s Trip to China


Since Mr. Muhammadu Buhari decided to turn his presidential office into that of a tourist, Nigerians would not allow him hear the last of it, as majority are not happy about his constant trips out of the country. Presenter and Nollywood actor, Joseph Benjamin is one of them.

The MTN project fame host spoke bitterly concerning Buhari’s most recent trip to China. He did not conceal his thoughts as they came. Joseph boldly questioned the “wisdom” as portrayed by Mr. President in seeking such a huge loan of $2 billion from the Asian country, when so much had been reportedly retrieved through the “fight against corruption.”

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According to Joseph Benjamin…

“Why go to China to negotiate terms and conditions to borrow $2billion when…

1. We are expecting $200 billion from looted money stashed away in Dubai.

2. America is helping us repatriate $6 billion kept by former PDP Governors and ministers in the USA.

3. Loads of thieves under Jonathan have returned millions of dollars.

4. Trillions of Naira raked in by the Nigeria custom service.

5. Millions of Dollars saved by the TSA and leakages have been blocked.

“Even if you are very dumb, you should at least be able to ask some simple questions. Why borrow with an interest when you already have a lot? Except if the ‘fight against corruption is just a scam.”

The 39-year old Kogi state indigene and father of two, realizing that his post was beginning to go viral and may cause an uproar, deleted it immediately. However, he had already made some sense out of those words.

Benjamin made his screen debut at the age of twelve in the popular television program, Tales by Moonlight, which was usually aired every Sunday evening on NTA. 

He came into limelight through his first movie, Crossroads, which was done in 1991, featuring Ramsey Noah and Sandra Achums alongside. Since then Joseph has graced the scenes of series of Nigerian high-definition cinema movies and is one face and voice that commands respect in the entertainment industry as well as others sectors.

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