Joke Silva Explains How Filmmakers Choose Between Two Talented Actors


Nollywood award winning actress and Filmmaker, Joke Silva, talks about the rigorous process of picking a better actor for a cast. According to her it is not a task-less event when it comes to choosing a lead role, but then attitude is one important factor she considers while casting. Joke, who has been married for decades now to a another legend in the movie industry, Olu Jacobs, is well known for her screen and stage works like “Violated,” “Hear Word,” “Widows Cot,” “Letters to a Stranger” among others.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, she spoke on how she decides who to cast between two talented actors.

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Joke Silver

Interview Section With Joke Silva

“For me, attitude is key. If you’re two equally talented performers, I will take the one with the better attitude, definitely. If you’re both easy to work with, then I’m looking at the other people that have been cast. Who are the other people that have been cast, and then who do you fit in better with?

“Basically those are the two things, that’s what’s gonna decide it. Of course, we have dealt with availability. I know some people like to look at ‘this person’s camera technique is better than this person’s,’  but I usually  have very good directors that I work with, so I know that the director can put that person through.

“For stage, it’s a little more difficult. Do you have a theater background? Are you a good performer for stage? Unless, there are specific directors like Ifeoma Fafunwa for instance. If I have an Ifeoma Fafunwa on a stage project, then I don’t mind if you don’t know much about the  theatre, because, she will bring the performance out of you.”

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Watch full interview video of Joke Silva below:

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