Check Out How Much Jay Z Made In The Past 10-years


World music, Shawn Carter cum Jay Z remains one of the richest musicians in recent times. In 2014, Forbes estimated Jay Z’s net worth at nearly $520 million. In 2015, he made $53.5m despite not headlining any major shows or releasing a new album.

More so, Jay Z made a total of half a billion dollar in the last decade and is most likely to be listed again on Forbes’ annual Cash Kings list.

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His entertainment business ventures – Roc Nation, TIDAL along with stakes in Armand de Brignac champagne and D’usse all add up to his numerous streams of income.

In the last 10 years, the least annual grossing Jay Z has made, is 34 Millon dollars and 2008 was his best year of earnings, the same year he married his bae. Here are the figures that make up his earnings in the last 10 years.

2007: $34m

2008: $82m

2009: $35m

2010: $63m

2011: $37m

2012: $38m

2013: $43m

2014: $60m

2015: $56m

2016: $53.5m

Meanwhile, with all of the money the rapper makes, his wife Beyonce makes as much, that’s why Forbes ranked them the highest paid celebrity couple in the world.

Following the release of Beyonce’s recent album, Lemonade, there are rumours that the power couple are secretly planning a joint album.

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In February this year, there was talk that Beyonce would release two new albums before the end of the year. The first one, Lemonade, dropped in April 2016. The second, which is a collabo between her and Jay Z, was speculated to come out after Bey’s incredible surprise VMA performance.

Jay Z and Bea – Power couple

Jay Z

In April 2015, the much anticipated joint album was reportedly “near completion.” Weeks ago, another media outfit, Page Six says the joint album is done and coming “very soon” on Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal.