Be Warned! ISIS Targeting Children Through Mobile App


World’s deadly terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has developed and launched a new mobile app aimed at recruiting and indoctrinating children for the purpose of furthering its Jihad course.

The Federal Government yesterday through the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, raised the alert about the existence of the mobile application, called ‘Huroof’.

In a statement issued in Abuja, which was circulated by Segun Adeyemi, his special assistant, the mobile application, Huroof (Arabic alphabets or letters), is to be used by ISIS solely for extremist ideology to gullible children. The app is aimed at teaching children the Arabic alphabets with the aid of guns, military tanks and cannons.

ISIS Mobile app

According to the Minister, the application utilizes colourful illustrations that attract and engage the attention of young children.

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He urged members of the public in general and parents in particular to be vigilant and to prevent their children and wards from being indoctrinated.

The application teaches the Arabic alphabet to children on Android devices. The vocabulary taught within the application includes jihadist themes. The application was released through Islamic State Telegram channels and on other file sharing websites.

ISIS Mobile app 2

The alphabet app is not the Islamic State’s first mobile app, however it is the first to be directed exclusively to children.

In December, Ghost Security Group, a hacking collective, discovered that ISIS had been distributing an application that offered propaganda-laced news and videos. That app was also running on Android and includes graphic depictions of executions and battlefield victories.

ISIS, a Jihadist militant group of international notoriety, has been increasingly linked with Nigeria since March 2015, when Boko Haram, the Islamist terror group operating in West Africa and especially in Nigeria, released an audio statement to pledge allegiance to it.

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In 2014, the Federal Government issued a security alert that the ISIS had employed the services of a South African to recruit fighters for it from West Africa.