iPhone X Owners Alarmed Over Mysterious ‘Green Line Of Death’ Display


Several iPhone X owners have reported that their new expensive devices are displaying a so-called “green line of death” – a random thin green vertical line on the right side of the device.

Just one week after the smartphone launched worldwide, multiple users took to social media and several different forums to complain about the glitch.

Although the problem doesn’t appear to be widespread, complaints about the alleged issued have appeared on Twitter and Apple’s own support forums. Though it doesn’t actually “kill” the iPhone, the persistent line does ruin its appearance and interferes with some apps. No one seems to know what causes it or how prevalent it actually is.

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Some of the iPhone X owners say they restarted and even restored their devices to no avail — the pesky green bar remains on the screen no matter what.

According to one Twitter user, who first experienced the issue earlier this week, the green line is ever-present and does not go away even when the device is restarted.

The Apple Support Twitter account responded to the tweet promptly and we assume that the issue is currently being looked into.

One Apple forums user said, ‘So I was playing with my new phone and all of a sudden, this happened. It’s a really bright line going down the entire right side of the phone.’

Another person also encountering the problem had a vertical green line appear on the left side of his iPhone X display instead of the right.

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According to MacRumors, it only appears to have affected 25 people so far, but the much-hyped phone has only been on sale since November 3 and Apple has so far declined to comment on the issue.

While Apple has been reportedly replacing all affected units free of charge, several consumers complained on Twitter about receiving slow or lacklustre service.

The glitch appears to be a hardware defect affecting a small number of users. TechCrunch notes that the issue could stem from an electrical flaw that messes with the way the phone displays pixels. That same type of phenomena has affected similar OLED devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the past, which lends more credence to the theory and proof that this is likely a hardware failure.

Flaws like this one aren’t exactly rare in the smartphone world, especially after the first production run of a high-profile new release. Google’s Pixel 2 XL had its own display issues after hitting the market, and one of the variants of Apple’s other 2017 iPhone, the 8 Plus, had its own battery swelling problems.

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What is rare is a widespread hardware defect that grounds an entire smartphone line, like the explosive, now-infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That type of fallout and all-out recall is reserved for the most extreme circumstances.

While Apple Inc appears to be enjoying a successful iPhone X launch, the device has suffered from a growing list of issues though not bad enough to spook investors.

Reports have also emerged that iPhone X freezes in cold weather. The device display becomes sluggish and then stops responding in cold weather. Apple has confirmed this issue and says it will address it in a software update.

There are also complaints that when the device is used as a speakerphone at high volumes, the iPhone X earpiece speaker can buzz or crackle.

Within a week of its launch, hackers claimed to have fooled the iPhone X FaceID with a 3D printed mask but Apple has denied reports that it lowered its requirements for the sensors, projector array and cameras used in its Face ID camera in order to speed up iPhone X production.

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Despite Apple’s warning that its biometric security can’t distinguish between identical twins, there are reports that it may have trouble distinguishing between siblings as well.