Introducing The New BBM Video Calling Feature For Android And IOs


BlackBerry has released a new BBM video calling feature for Android and iOS, finally enabling users to make video call to friends and family.

The BBM video calling feature has now been made available to other users outside the United States and Canada and also in Asia-Pacific, which is apparently home to its biggest user base. On June 14th, it was also made available to BBM users in 109 countries in Africa and Europe.

Even though BlackBerry rolled out BBM to iOS and Android back in 2013, video calling had only been available to BlackBerry 10 users. BB10 users have been using this service before now on their devices.

BBM video calling feature 2

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In order for users to be able to chat via video on BBM, they need to be using a device with an Android version not older than version 4.4 (KitKat) and iOS 8 and above on Apple’s platform.

Since the video calling feature is enabled through a server-side update, users need not do anything, it will just show up, no need to update the app on the store.

The feature will be available globally to everyone starting July. While BBM isn’t as popular as its newer, shinier rivals like Messenger or WhatsApp anymore, BlackBerry is still developing new features for it. In fact, this release is but a small part of a bigger roll out.

Later this summer, the company will launch the capability to register for an account using a phone number, among other things. Android users will be able to share larger videos, as well, while those on iOS will be able to mute group notifications.

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Borrowing a leaf from competitor’s services and keen to stay relevant, the company is partnering with various companies to provide mobile money services inside BBM in a few markets where it is still popular.