Instagram Craze! Yoruba Girl Post Half Naked Photos Of Herself 

Social media popularity is fast becoming a trending business with many ladies taking it to the extreme, just like this naked Yoruba girl, simply identified as Feyisara from the South-West, Nigeria who wants to become the next hottest chick taking the social media by storm.

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You might wonder what’s with some ladies and big-butts-parades, but i guess that’s part of the miss sensual or sexy  madness spree and it only takes extra guts from girls like Feyisara to pull it off. Besides, who can judge her if that’s what makes her feel important and desirable?


The said lady is currently based abroad and has kicked off a fresh Instagram page with limited followers who are constantly entertained and sexually spiked with her adult contents. According to Niaj, Feyisara claimed to be a sex freak, camera killer, Rich Gang member as well as a fan of the Arsenal Football club of England.

Images like her’s are becoming an Instagram hot cakes and believe it or not, such post tends to attract in bulk, thrilled follows and trust the media, juicy issues like this can’t get past its attention if it is succulent enough to grab the audience of a popular celebrity such as Solidstar Isoko who is a Nigerian musician, songwriter and performer.

Feyisara’s moral breaking pictures surely paid off after all – at least for starters, as the musician expressed his appreciation of the female prowess.

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Meanwhile, the excited Feyisara was obliged to honour the singer in the comment section as she expressed her surprise. Wide guess is, there could be more private interactions going on behind closed curtains between those two via direct messages for the purpose of secrecy. Yeah, so much for secrecy.

Yoruba girl Feyisara shows off her naughty-girl pose on her private Instagram page.