Henry Dickson: A Party That Doesn’t Win Election Is Dead


Bayelsa State governor and Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Post- Convention Reconciliation Committee, Mr. Henry Dickson, speaks on way PDP can bounce back into leadership.

According to him “a party that doesn’t win elections is a dead party,” adding that the greatest and most potent armoury at the disposal of PDP is the Nigerian people.

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Speaking at a retreat for the new leadership of the party and Chairmen of the 36 States Chapters and the Federal Capital Territory which opened in Abuja on Tuesday, Governor Dickson said there are ways to reposition PDP for dominance and electoral victory which is to relinquish the party to ordinary people.

“There is no armoury any where that is stronger than the power of the people. This new PDP should be thrown to the Nigerian people, including those in the grassroots so that popular candidates can emanate from the ordinary people; let the people own the party. These are the ways to reposition PDP for dominance and electoral victory. This is the abiding principle that fired the founding fathers to form the PDP in 1998 and the onus is on us more than ever before to consolidate this philosophy in concrete terms,” the Governor said.

“And when a political party works in the interest of the people, it wins election which is very important for the survival and consolidation of the party. Parties exist to win election mainly to deliver service to the people. When a party loses election, you wake up from the slumber to regain power and this was exactly why the new Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus and the NWC have put together in this retreat to deepen the strategies of regaining power in 2019 and beyond.

“A party that doesn’t win election is a dead party. For PDP to bounce back, we must do things right, enthrone internal democracy more than ever before, field popular candidates who could win election and serve the people. The time to do that is now. ”

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Mr. Henry Dickson also spoke on a sub-title: ‘Conflict Resolution in a political party’, and he said politics is all about management and resolution of crisis, including the management of conflicting tendencies.

The PDP Chairman described all conflicts as legitimate, once they are within the confines of the party interest, stressing that conflict resolution is the duty of all party men and women not just for the party leaders or the Reconciliation Committee of the party.

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