Every Day For The Thief….! Suya Seller Caught Using African Magic To Steal Meat


An Hausa/Fulani man was nabbed after he stole a large chunk of meat from a butcher’s shed in Ogbete market, Enugu state. According to a Facebook user, Egwuatu Chukz, who shared the story, the suspect strolled into the shed casually, brought out a sack bag and started stuffing large chunks of meat into it, totally ignoring the fact that other people were around.

The butchered revealed that similar ‘mysterious’ disappearance of meat from their shed had forced them to go into prayers just one week before the thief was caught red handed. The Hausa man was also accused of using charms to perpetrate his crime.

Below is the story as told from the horse’s mouth:


“On 12th of November 2016 in the above named market in Enugu, Biafra land, a notorious Hausa/Fulani man was caught after stealing meat weighing over 22 pounds, at the market abattoir located at Akwata side. 

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“Information reaching the family writers, states that this Hausa/Fulani man has been perpetrating this act for a long time, only that he used to be invisible when performing the evil operations, but as God may have it, one of the largest quantities of meat got missing, before he was caught today.

“The butchers in the area opened up to find out what has been behind the usual missing of meat, therefore the whole meat sellers teamed up together for fasting and prayer which lasted for five days.

Hausa/Fulani Suya Seller Stripped Naked For Stealing Meat

“However, after their prayers, some of the meat sellers (butchers) were convinced that the regular missing of their meat wasn’t an ordinary or physical issue to tackle, so they all teamed up to be vigilant both in the realm of physical and spiritual.

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In the morning of Saturday 12th of November 2016, at about 8:30am, about the time the butchers display meats for sale, a young man holding a sack walked in majestically towards the place where some of the meats were packed, and began to pack meat without anybody’s consent and after loading the huge amount of meat inside the sack he came with, he raised it on his head and started walking away with the meat.

“After moving about 12 feet ahead, one of the meat sellers called him back, and tried to interrogate him. The Hausa/Fulani man refused to answer and this drew the attention of the audience.

After several attempts to stop the man, the crowd succeeded in stopping him and asked him how he managed to have access to the meat and he couldn’t give any reasonable answer to the questions. Few minutes after he was caught, his clothes were collected from him and the crowd saw some African charms which he tied onto his arm and leg. The charms were  forcefully removed from his body to stop him from disappearing.

He confessed that he has been doing this for quite some time and during all his operations, he uses the charms to transform himself into an invisible being and that’s how he makes his own money and business by roasting the stolen meat for sale which is popular called “Suya meat” in Nigeria.”