Buhari Doesn’t Understand How We Feel – Halima Abubakar


Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has revealed her displeasure with the present administration.

The young and budding CEO of her new business venture says, life has been really hard for Nigerians because of the economic recession. She urges president Buhari to do something to effect the change he promised.

“This is one of the most incredible years of my life as an adult. I have not been complaining,” she said. “When I complain, then there is a problem. I really complained in the past one year.

“As a young chief executive officer (CEO), it has been incredibly hard. And for a young lady who has a lot of responsibilities, massive responsibilities for that matter, you will agree with me it can’t be that easy.

“Buhari please, make things happen for us so that other people can eat. As for me, I can eat. But then, will I say I won’t give another person food? Let’s be realistic about it. Buhari should stop saying he understands how we feel.

“He doesn’t understand how we feel at all. No one can understand how you feel more than yourself. There’re so many people who go home hungry, and they don’t know what they will eat the following day.

“But he keeps flying up and down and keeps saying he understands how we feel. The change we voted for, where is it? We need Nigeria stabilized.”

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Halima also believes that life should be enjoyed and not tolerated. In an interview with Encomium, she says marriage is overrated and comes with too much headache.

According to the 31-year old actress, if you can not tolerate someone as a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is the point taking it further into marriage? To her, marriage is not a priority; having a good living is and Buhari should help Nigerians achieve that.