Group Introduce ‘Washable’ Sanitary Pads For Rural Women


Impacting the knowledge of how to make reusable sanitary pads to women is definitely an idea that will be most welcomed as it will unquestionably be a relief to most women and girls, especially those of them in the rural areas who either cannot afford the regular ones sold in the market or find them to be unsuitable for their need.

A group, Health Aid For All Initiative (HAFAI) has started teaching women in rural areas of Abuja how to produce washable and reusable sanitary pads. The group started its public recommendation and enlightenment on menstrual health hygiene to celebrate the International Women’s Day in Pyape II, a community near Nyanya, Abuja.

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Dr. Ugochi Ohajuruka who is the founder of HAFAI and also Nigeria’s country director for Days for Girls International – a movement committed to ensuring that girls do not miss days of school as a result of their monthly period, said it was focusing mostly on rural areas that lack basic amenities and where women are not able to get optimal hygiene for their health and well-being.

“These are the kind of places where women still give birth at home, and use rags and feather to manage their menstrual flow,” she said.

According to the secretary of the women’s grouping in Pyape II, Grace Reuben, many women were turning their backs on sanitary pads commercially available in drug stores and pharmacies as a result of their inadequacy to manage flow most especially for women who experience heavy flow during their menstrual period. As Grace said;

“They find pieces of rags or tear their wrappers and use because it is difficult to get fresh pad once a used one is disposed of. You can’t reuse it, and it is costly.

“Sometimes the pads we buy outside are not good enough. Imagine when a woman is a heavy bleeder. The pad is soaked before you know it, and you are outside. But with washable pads, even though it is soaked, and you are outside, you can easily remove it and replace it, wash and dry it”.

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