Gambian Journalist Warn NBA Against Defending Jammeh [Video]


A Gambian Journalist by the name Farto, has taken to social media to send a serious warning message to Nigeria Bar Associations to stay away from Gambia’s political problems and not be part of machinery recruits of President Yayah Jammeh at the Supreme court.

According to the journalist, Gambians do not wish to compromise their good relationship with Nigerians living in their country, hence they specifically ask the Nigerian Bar Association to warn their lawyers and judges not to be part of Jammeh’s defense recruit.

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Here is an excerpt from the video message: 

“My name is Farto and I am a Gambian journalist. I have a message here for the Nigerian Bar Association.

“I want to start by saying that if you do not want to be on the bad side of history, please warn your members to not be part of out-going President’s machinery. I’m sure you all know by now that he’s trying to put a petition at the Supreme court after he admitted defeat, he came back and said that he does not agree with the election result.

“And we understand that the Chief Justice has initiated a recruitment process for Supreme court Judges to come to Gambia because as we speak now, only one Supreme court judge in the country – that the Chief Justice himself, Frank Belling and so we are calling on the Nigerian Bar Association to talk to Nigerians especially those they’re in the process of recruiting.

“The Gambian people have spoken and we have spoken very well. We have decided to relief Yahya Jammeh of his leadership position. We do not want him anymore, we have suffered for 22 years, a lot of things happened, a lot of people are in prison – people who are not supposed to be there. But because of the help of these Nigerian machinery judges that’s been coming to the country, Jammeh was able to do all of this.

“We want to say today, if Jammeh wants to go to the Supreme court please, do not be part of the people who will make that happen for him because already, according to the constitution of Gambia, the petition should happen within 10 days after the elections and it looks like that 10 days has elapsed, even though the constitution did not say if it would be 10 working days, it just says 10 days and that has just elapsed especially for supreme court that does not have any judges.

“So we had this information that he’s [Yayah Jammeh] trying to get judges from Nigeria and we are trying to tell you to please warn your people and tell them that they should not be on the wrong side of history because Jammeh is going to leave whether he likes it or not, the Gambian people have spoken and we have made it very very clear that we don’t want him.

“It is now time that we get our country back because a lot of things have happened [under the administration of Yayah Jammeh] people have disappeared, people have been tutored, people have illegally been imprisoned, people have been locked up in prison and until now, they have never been charged with any crimes.

“So once again, please this message is to let you all know that Jammeh has plans to bring over Nigerian Judges but please do not let it happen. And also we like to tell the Nigerian Judges that are already in Gambia, people like Justice Dada who’s already on the wrong side of history. We want to tell all of you and other Lawyers there [Nigeria] that if you are promoted or appointed to be a supreme Judge there you know why Jammeh is doing that because he’s desperate at this time and he’s trying to drag along these people because he knows there’s no way that he’s will survive this.

“So we want to tell all of you to get your hands off. Gambia have always had a good relationship with Nigeria and we want to maintain that, I have a lot of Nigerian friends, Journalists and all of that and we want you to maintain that cordial relationship that Gambian has with Nigeria.

“Once against, we just want to say that we have suffered enough, we’ve been fighting for too long – for 22 years. There are people here in the diaspora who lost loved ones, parents they can not even go back because Jammeh would not let them back into the country.

“So please! we hereby say to all the members of the Nigerian Bar Association, we do not want you to be part of this machinery that Jammeh is about to set up. I want to make this message very short because I know people are busy and they have time to watch long videos but we hope that you would not be part of this. We going to be monitoring and we’re following every part of the development of every information that is coming out into the Gambian Lawyers.

“I think you all know by now, we’re getting information that some lawyers will be part it, we’ve contacted some and it happened to be that was not true information that they are not going to be part of it. But right now got names of two Nigerian Lawyers who it said to be going to be part of those people who are set up Jammeh’s petition.

“We understand he offered a huge amount of money, but money is not worth that for you. Look at how many people who died in Gambia – who have not done anything, just because Jammeh feel threatened with their presence, he decided to get ride> of them.

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“So once again we are calling on the Nigerian Bar Association, we need your help in this situation, talk to your people, do not let them be part of this machinery that Jammeh is about to set up with the chief Justice of Gambia, Fermgwele.

“I am so sorry for Fermgwele, I don’t know why somebody would want to do this to people. You have seen everything that has happened in the country and you decided to stay quiet because everything you care about is your pocket. Very very sad that an African brother who is very educated is behaving this way.

“But once again I won’t take much of your time, we will be monitoring the development and let you know if any other information comes up. Thank You.”

WATCH Video below: