OAP Freeze Attacks Duncan Mighty For Posting A Prayer Session Photo


Media personality Freeze can not take his eyes off what does not concern him, this time, his target is Port-Harcourt first son, Duncan Mighty.

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Following a picture that the singer posted on Wednesday 10th August, of him kneeling in the midst of some women, while they ‘kabashed’ on him, Daddy Freeze rants about it.

Duncan Mighty in the midst of widows


The loud-mouthed OAP took to Instagram on Thursday 11th August, to share the picture Duncan Mighty posted, calling him out for taking pictures while praying with widows.

“Nigerian entertainers, we can do things for the gram!!! Choi ! ! ! Inside this ‘HOT’ prayer, someone still remembered to take picture? Life for us in Nigeria has become one huge reality show! #JustSaying #GuiltyToo #AllForTheGram #NaOurWork #EveryCelebIsGuilty #PlusThoseThatCarryPaparazzi2Orphanage #OurMarketMustSell.”

Daddy Freeze might have a point here, as most Nigerian celebrities are fond of camera paparazzi. Obviously, that shot was taken after the singer must have donated some aids to the widows and they were blessing him in prayers.

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Giving and charity deeds are supposed to be private moments of human kindness and generosity but when exposed for clicks and likes it becomes questionable. Was the motive to help the needy or to attract attention for helping the needy?

Duncan Mighty had shared the photo with the caption “One of my secrets of moving higher unstoppable is remembering the widows. God answers them instantly pls make sure u reach out to the widows close to u.”

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Nigeria is already a religious country so should know better that the bible also says “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them.” Matthew 6 verse 1.