France Joins Nigeria In Fight Against Terrorist Organizations


France and Nigeria have signed a deal which would help both countries focus on training and procurement of equipment for its military personnel to end the war against terrorist organizations.

French Defence Minister, Jean-Yves Le Adrian, during a visit to Nigeria’s Defence Minister, Mansur Mohammed Dan Ali, in Abuja, said the Nigerian military deserved a pat on the back for the bravery and courage so far displayed in the fight against Boko Haram, pointing out that its successes were a source of hope to France that terrorist organizations plotting against the French would be defeated.

Terrorist Organizations

Both Defense Ministers said plans are also in top gear to improve on intelligence gathering and that the French government had pledged to work with the Federal Government of Nigeria towards combating the menace of terrorism.

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Jean-Yves Le Adrian said the fight against the barbaric organization, Boko Haram, in Nigeria is the same fight that they have in France because these terrorist organizations hitting Nigeria are the same as those in France.

Disclosing that the French government are extremely happy to help Nigeria in the fight which is going to be a much longer term effort in order to guarantee security in the Gulf of Guinea, the French minister said they were looking into a second phase of the cooperation on maritime insecurity.

Nigeria’s Defence Minister, Mansur Mohammed Dan-Ali, said the visit of the French minister had made a very big impact on the nation’s defence cooperation with France.

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According to Dan Ali, this cooperation with France will help in mobilizing more support from Francophone West African countries. Nigeria will benefit from fighting terrorism in connection with France and other neighboring countries, as it will give the nation an impact in controlling or ending terrorism within its sub region and the world at large.