Take A Cue From This Former Banker Turned Puff Puff Seller


Omotade Johnson, a graduate of Mass Communication, a former banker at the defunct Intercontinental Bank PLC, now makes a living by frying and selling puff puff (deep fried dough) at Igando bus stop, Lagos, after he lost his banking job.

Omotade was one of those who lost their jobs due to bank liquidation in 2009. He has since swallowed his pride and taken his destiny in his hands, by deciding to do something differently.

The young business man discloses that he joined the new trend after losing his bank job, and resolved never to apply for any paid job again.

A humble and eager to learn, the former banker narrates that when he relocated to Lagos in 2012, he fortunately met friends who were into confectionery business and that caught his interest.

He subjected himself to learning the nitty-gritty of the vocation, and was taught by professionals in the business, who were younger than him, but who had good experience in mastery of the trade. His friends taught him the trade without even demanding payment for the training.

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Omotade explains that he loves the business, adding that since he joined, business has been good and he does not have regrets whatsoever as it puts money in his pocket.


The young entrepreneur, who works with a team that wake up quite early in the morning and work till night, says for him the business is profitable.

Thanks to the product’s affordability, he records high patronage. The puff puff and buns go for N10 each, doughnut for N20, and the egg rolls go for N50.

Johnson and his team are professionals who work in synergy; putting their combined efforts in the business to maximize profits and are paid commensurately. For him, the job is very easy and interesting and he debunks the belief that the business is a tedious and demanding one.

With his cheerful look, alluring tone and quick service delivery, the former banker has been able to establish good rapport with his regular customers. He knows them by their names and even categorized them by the motive of their patronage.

For instance, there are those customers who come to buy for personal consumption as snacks or appetizers, and others who buy it for use at events as refreshment for their guests, like corporate organisations.

On the whole, his customers cut across working class people, organisations, school children, bus drivers, okada riders and roadside traders and many more.

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His organisation ‘A & B Concept’, have big dreams for the company and hope to see the business flourish and become the hot shot of all eyes.