Forget Cosmetic Deodorants, See How To Use Lime As Remedy For Body Odour 


Having body odour can be an embarrassing experience and is one of the killers of self-confidence. That is why people uses cosmetic deodorants to curtail it.

It is well known that a compound in sweat known as dermcidin (an anti-microbial peptide secreted by human eccrine sweat glands onto the skin), prevents the entrance of harmful bacteria into the body.

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As it is common, many people would opt for deodorants and antiperspirants, which are high in dangerous chemicals and toxins to control bad smell. But the fact is, sweating is a natural mechanism to regulate the body temperature. Hence body odour is caused by bacteria which was not destroyed by the dermcidin in the sweat, as they grow and multiply.

The use of lime is extremely potent in eliminating body odor, and is a completely natural and safe product, unlike cosmetic deodorants and antiperspirants which blocks the sweat ducts toxic chemicals they contain, such as aluminum, and support the growth and development of bacteria that can enter the bloodstream.

How to use lime as body odour neutraliser

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A little slice of lime is all it takes, just purchase fresh limes from your local market, slice it up in half and rub the pieces onto the affected area (usually the armpit). Leave it for few minutes to dry and then put on your clothes.

The scent left of the fresh lime will last the entire day, and you will have no stains on the clothes. In this way, you will naturally destroy harmful bacteria and get rid of the bad odour, and you will not just mask the bad smell, like when you use deodorants.

This definitely a cheap method since a slice of lime can be enough for a few days, so make sure you always keep limes at home.