Flying Wizard Misses Target In Calabar. Here’s How It Happened [Video]


It looks like the witches and wizards in Nigeria have decided to keep us in awe this week with stories of ‘missed targets’! On Sunday, it was about a bird which fell into a gutter and transformed into a young woman in Lagos State, now, the story is about a flying Calabar wizard, who knows where next the story train will take us to!

An alleged wizard was discovered at about 7:50 am around the popular Culvert bus stop adjacent to Ikot Ansa bus stop, Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar, with a crowd gathered around him. The man, who is between 40-60 years old was naked by the roadside, muttering some words of incantation which could hardly be understood, with blood spots on his face and lips.

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Calabar Wizard Caught Flying Through Highway

One of the people gathered at the scene spoke to a correspondent of Calarbar Reporters amidst obvious shock and fear. Narrating the incident the woman said that she was preparing to bath that morning around 4:00 am so she could dress up for work, but it was shocking when she saw a big kite-like object striking the back of her house making a huge noise. For security reasons, she had to reach out for the clue, but what she found was horrible.

According to the woman, the man’s face was pale and threatening, so she asked with a calm voice, who are you? Immediately the man drool a huge lump of saliva which almost splashed on her, but she was lucky it didn’t. When she saw this, she had to call the attention of people around as she even noticed he was naked.

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When neighbors and passerby came, they started interrogating the man threatening to kill him. Then, few persons among the crowd recognized the man, while others added that his wife died a few months ago, and that he had lost all his children too. Some others revealed that he does not stay around that environment rather, he lives a distance of about a mile from the area.

The Calabar wizard after receiving some beatings, was pushed to the Highways as he was threatened to be burned alive if he refused to disclose his mission for coming there. Then, he started confessing:

“I killed my wife, children and many other people using witchcraft. And I came here looking for whom to devour”.

Watch Video Below: