Fitbit-Style Wristband: Unveiling Handy Gadget Which Could Help Couples Get Pregnant


Science has progressed to a latest invention for couples in a special wearable device – the Fitbit-style wristband which allows females determine fertility levels for family planning purposes.

Beyond mankind’s wildest imaginations, science has once more come to the rescue through this new handy gadget that allows female fertility levels to be gauged without any hitches, almost guaranteeing 90 percent success for couples who want to conceive a child.

The Fitbit-style wristband has come as a helping hand for couples desperately trying for a baby. It is able to tell when a woman is about to ovulate by detecting tiny changes, such as her temperature and resting heart rate.

Also called the Ava cycle tracker, this electronic gadget can detect fertility levels at the drop of a hat via measuring the RMR and skin heat.

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Ava cycle tracker

While there may have been an embarrassment issue if women had to wear it during the day, it actually works while she sleeps. A woman looking forward to getting pregnant wears the device overnight before taking off the wristband in the morning and then sending the information it has collected to her smartphone.

Then they attach the device to their smartphones. As good as it sounds, however, the gizmo does not come cheap. It is due to be launched in the UK this week at a price point of £199.

This Ava cycle tracker will put the fine-tuning back into fertility and also do away with the rather crude urine test that was in vogue before this method came along.

It appears to be a watch-like device, and has been called the “Fertility Fitbit”. Thanks to this contraption, the ideal time period to have sex with their husbands will thus become a cinch for females.

While it does indeed look like a watch, it is actually a remarkable device for conception purposes. The Fitbit-Style wristband gauges nine fertility signs via slight transformations in the menstrual cycle.

Also breathing rate, the sleep schedule and any unconscious activity during sleep is noted down with accuracy by this device. The watch-like device can determine the narrow window of fertility with a lot of accuracy.

Before the gadget was brought to market, it was subject to a year long study which took place in Switzerland. This research project, which involved 41 women, found that it was 89 per cent accurate in predicting the most fertile days in the month. The Swiss firm Ava said that its new piece of tech could help to make trying for a baby a less stressful and frustrating experience.

However, Professor Adam Balen, who is chairman of the British Fertility Society, has expressed some reservations, saying he feared it could have the opposite effect by making people feel pressured into having sex at a particular time, actually adding to the stress of trying to fall pregnant.

Another revolutionary invention which could forever change breast-feeding for moms is a smart breast pump machine called the WillowPump.

The Willow smart breast pump system has a hands-free, tubeless, and relatively un-noisy design. Willow also runs on rechargeable battery that lasts up to two days, and is connected to an app over Bluetooth.

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The teardrop-shaped machine rests on the mother’s breasts under her bra, and collects milk in a pouch that’s stored inside the device. When you breast pump with the Willow, it will automatically track how much milk was collected, the collection date, and how long each session was.