Tragic! Nigerian Footballer Drowns In The US


United States-based Nigerian footballer, Fikayo Idowu, is dead. Idowu who played as a defender for the Ohio State football club, reportedly drowned in a central Ohio lake on Friday June 24, 2016.

According to a Columbus Dispatch report, the promising 19-year-old footballer had gone to the Apple Valley lake to swim with his team mates when the sad incident happened. A dive team is reported to have searched for him for 45 minutes after he was discovered missing, before eventually recovering his body from the lake.

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Idowu was immediately rushed to the Columbus hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival.

1 Fikayo Idowu


2 Fikayo Idowu

Danny Jensen was hanging out with Fikayo Idowu on Thursday night and heard about a plan to go swimming on Friday. While picking up a friend at Idowu’s house on Saturday, Jensen got the call that  Idowu, his teammate, was dead, having drowned Friday in a lake about 40 miles northeast of Columbus.

Jensen said:

“I knew a few people had been invited, I just figured I’d stay home. I had to lift, I had to practice. We kind of hung up the phone, and we kind of just looked at each other wondering if it was real.”

Idowu’s coach John Bluem, said he was an unbelievably good human being.

“He was a very quiet kid, very intelligent, marvelous athlete, really, really hard worker… always a smile and always a pleasant person to be around.”

According to the Ohio State athletics website, Idowu was from Madison, Mississippi, and was majoring in health and rehabilitation sciences while planning to attend medical school. He was an Ohio State Prominence Scholar and a two-time OSU Scholar-Athlete.

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More than 100 people gathered to remember Idowu at the university’s Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium on Saturday evening. They used lighted candles to form his jersey number, 14, and released balloons into twilight sky.

May His soul rest in peace…