FG Warns That Social Media Is Destructive And Should Be Regulated

Social media, as well as other technological related inventions, can be very addictive when over used. Although the use of Social media has its advantages as well as disadvantages, if not properly utilized can cause harm to its users. Therefore, the Federal Minister of information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has insisted on the control of social media in order to stop what he termed its “destructive” power.
According to CNN, teenagers in the UK and some western countries spend 9 hours a day on social networks, while children between 11 and 12 years spend 6 hours. The average Nigerian spends a total of four hours on the internet everyday. Now, that is some productive time that can be channeled to something more productive. The minister made this statement during his speech at the closing event of the 2016 Social Media Week in Lagos.

Social media itself must understand that power without control is destructive. I think the social media needs to set up code of conduct. The power of social media is something that cannot be ignored but unfortunately today it has become a big destructive.

Families and marriages have be destroyed just for the fun of it. Therefore, I advise the social media that for them to be credible you must be self regulated, but this government will not pass law to regulate you.

The minister also said the Federal Government was prepared to diversify the economy through the creative industry, and culture and tourism sector. He said the provision of infrastructure such as power, road, rail system, security and other amenities was critical to the promotion of culture and tourism in the country.

You cannot promote culture and tourism without fixing infrastructure.

Many Nigerians on social media have spoken severally against the plans of government to regulate social media, emphasizing on the fact that social media has brought them into power. Millions of Nigerians use various social media platforms like Facebook, Blackberry Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, on a daily basis. It may be somehow difficult to curb the use of these platforms in a country such as Nigeria, where more pressing issues need immediate attention that the same social media can help facilitate.

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