Fetish Man Caught Burying “Juju” At An Enugu Market


At a market stall in Gariki Market, Awkunanaw, Enugu state, a 60-year old man identified as Amedu who claimed to be from Kogi State yesterday narrowly escaped being killed by an angry mob for allegedly placing juju in front of a woman’s shop in order to recover a debt.

The fetish suspect was said to have brought juju to place at his debtor’s stall (a woman identified as Chidi who sells yam), so that some kind of evil might befall her for her inability to repay her debt to him at the stipulated time frame after he had made several attempts to recover his money.

The man claimed that the debtor who was yet to pay him the remaining N17,000 of over a N100,000 debt needed to be spiritually induced to pay up because things are hard, which was why he resorted to the use of Juju.

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Luck unfortunately ran against Amedu as people who passed by raised alarm when they saw him burying the charm at the shop. This attracted an irate mob that tore Amedu to shreds.

But grace however came for the alleged suspect when chairman of the Gariki Market, Chief Abraham Okenwa, intervened before the angry traders could rule out their jungle justice on him.

The woman, the yam seller, is said to be a notorious debtor who would not pay her debt and is in the habit of owing a lot of people.

The chairman of the market, after he brought in the police to quell the situation, pleaded with the angry crowd that he did not want the man killed.

When speaking later about the incident, he said:

If I had wanted him killed, I would not have called or involved the police.

The police eventually took Amedu and the woman debtor away to their station for further investigations.

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