Fayose Declares Fasting Against APC As Birthday Hallmark 


Once again the controversial Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose, on Tuesday, November 15 has offered to fast for poor Nigerians, rather than the usual banquet to celebrate his 56 birthday.

Fayose who is known as the fearless Governor who stands as the voice of the people, condemned All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government for abolishing the middle class in Nigeria by bringing untold hardship upon the people.

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He also urged everyone to participate in the fast as he considered any celebration meaningless in the face of plight of Nigerians and the bare-faced deceit of those who promised them a better life.

Fayose said:

“I dedicate this birthday to the desperately poor, the poor, and the once vibrant middle-class Nigerians that have now been reduced to an unprecedented level of marginalisation, untold suffering, and virtual nothingness.”

Speaking to the audience who have gathered to celebrate his special day of birth, the Governor pointed that the occasion is for the solidarity of people who are suffering and lacking the basic necessities of life at a level never seen before in the country. He continued:

“It will make no meaning for me to be celebrating my birthday in the face of the muzzling, arm-twisting, ridiculing and blackmailing of the judiciary, legislature, and the opposition in the name of anti-corruption war.

“When a democratically elected government embarks on a systematic effort to kill the opposition, legislature and subjugate the judiciary, it is no time for lovers of democracy like myself to pick samba and tambourine to celebrate a birthday.

“Rather than wine and dine, which, usually, is the hallmark of birthday celebrations, I shall spend today, fasting, meditating and praying to God that He should graciously and mercifully intervene in the affairs of our great country, Nigeria, which, regrettably, has been laid prostrate by this clueless, fumbling and wobbling administration.”

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Fayose reiterated that he stance as the mouth piece of Nigerians quote: “I pitch my tent with you, I stand with you, by you, and for you. I shall never be tired of speaking for you.

He pledged:

“I accept this title as a great privilege and call to duty, which  I considered sacred. On this day, I rededicate myself to this patriotic and God-assigned duty and responsibility with unwavering commitment and renewed strength, vigor, and vitality.

“I say to the people of Nigeria, we shall be great again. These perilous times shall pass and together, we shall bring back the glory and greatness of our country and people.

“Together, we shall take back our country from the wanton troopers riding roughshod over it at the moment, God with us. I shall never let you down.”