Bizarre! Man Buries Newborn Daughter Alive Because He Expected Male Child [Video]


Indian police said on Wednesday arrested, Ramesh Chandra, for allegedly burying his newborn daughter alive because he wanted a male child.

The 6-hour-old baby was rescued by local villagers after they spotted her feet sticking up from a shallow pit in a farmland within the Jajpur district of the eastern state of Odisha.

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A witness who helped with the rescue, Alok Rout, said a group helped rescue the newborn who was found with her face covered with a piece of cloth.

“It was a little kid who first saw the feet of the child buried under a compost dump in a field. Later we rushed to the spot and rescued the newborn girl.”

The area where she was discovered is one of many impoverished states where families hope for sons and go to any lengths possible to avoid having to raise a daughter.

The 35-year-old part-time taxi driver allegedly took the baby from her mother soon after she was born on Saturday.
A police officer, Jyoti Prakash Pande, told reporters that, “They were unable to explain about the missing child after we scanned the locality for expecting mothers.


Pande added that Chandra while been questioned admitted burying the baby, saying he was too poor to raise a daughter.

The officer revealed that the couple already has two daughters and a son and had aborted two earlier pregnancies.

The Chief medical officer at Jajpur district Fanindra Kumar Panigrahi told AFP the baby was doing fine and all her parameters are normal. She is a full term baby, weighing around 2.5 kg.

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“She is a full term baby, weighing around 2.5 kg, her umbilical cord was intact and the body was still covered with vernix.”

The baby who has been named the girl Dharitri, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the earth’, by the hospital staff will be handed over to the state-run child welfare committee after she is discharged from the hospital.

In a similar development, a Tennessee couple were arrested last Friday for trying to sell off their 5-month-old baby online for $3,000.

Local news outlets report that the Greene County Sheriff’s Office says 37-year-old Deanna Lynn Greer and 26-year-old John David Cain were arrested Friday on charges of aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment.

The authorities were alerted after another couple saw an ad posted on Craigslist listing the infant for sale.

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Hankins says an undercover officer contacted Greer and Cain and was given the price for the child. He says the couple then met with the agent at a store, exchanged the baby for cash and both were then taken into custody.

The child is currently in state custody.