Karma Is A Bitch – Instagram User Reminds Tonto Dikeh Of Her Past Sexual Escapades


Tonto Dikeh just got served by an Instagram user, Fashionshade who called her a husband snatcher and reminded her that karma is a bitch.

Fashionshade accused Tonto Dikeh, whose marriage supposedly crashed recently, of getting the reward of her past life.

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Fashionshade says Tonto Dikeh has broken several homes when she was single, therefore should not complain when her marriage is falling apart. Fashionshade also complained that Tonto has been living in pride and ignoring her fans ever since she got married.
Stating that she always felt on top of the world for having a billionaire husband who lavished his wealth on him.

Fashionshade wrote:

“@tontolet when you snatched that man from his previous wife, and you were all over the place shouting kingkong and Mrs X and he was showering you with gift which you didn’t give any to your fan. You started feeling too big, you hardly relate with your fellow actress bc you felt your on top of the world as person wey Obasonjo be her father-in-law.

“You hide your engagement from even the so-called actress who are close to u all because of this stupid man you are pulling his underpants now in public. You carry God dey preach and how you did 21days fasting and prayer and God provided you the best charming husband. You belittled Dbanj that you can’t work with him during your interview in USA after your child-birth because of same husband that makes you feel on top of the world.

“You think you can deceive everybody here? No Hun there are people who know you very well than you think. Have you forgotten a woman who begged you years ago on social media to leave her husband alone? What about that married man who has a hotel in Lagos that you were sleeping with when you’re still growing wings as a celebrity? Why are you feeding this slowpoke here called @uchemaduagwu to be talking nonsense as if you’re a saint?

“Karma is a bit*ch and no repentance that takes karma away from one’s life. I am not saying you should go and commit suicide I am only saying you should shut ur mouth up and face God if really you found Him as you claim. Nansense! Those women you slept with their husbands are still managing their husband and homes why can’t you manage your home and put everything in God’s prayer?

“It’s a matter of time the situation will change for good. 80% of our single actress sleeps with married men I am sorry to tell you all these but if call names here you all will be shocked! That’s why they live big than most actors. I am waiting for the day that Nsukka popular actress will get married and come and cry on Instagram. I will remind her the government man she was sleeping and milking if he ain’t get wife.

Fashionshade Shades Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh: On set as a preacher

Fashionshade also aired her disappointment about Tonto’s epic reply to a fan who wrote her an open letter regarding her marriage crisis. She ended the note by saying Tonto Dikeh messed up her Valentine’s day.

Meanwhile, one @Uchemaduagwu has taken the responsibility of defending Tonto Dikeh and her crashing marriage on Instagram.

He consoled the actress and attacked fans who lashed out on  both Tonto for letting her marriage fail, and him (Uche) for seeking fame through her marital crisis.

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