FA Will No Longer Tolerate Unruly Behaviours, Releases New Rules


English football authorities (including the FA) have noticed over the past four seasons, that intolerable behaviour by players and managers have reached ‘unacceptable levels’ towards match officials and have come up with a set of new rules to take a stronger position and action towards unacceptable participant conduct.

The Premier League, EFL and The Football Association (FA) on Wednesday announced a collective undertaking to improve behaviour across the game.

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According to the statement, released by FA, the aim of the set of rules is to reduce disrespectful conduct such as aggressively challenging decisions or running from distance to confront an official, during matches.

Here is the list of sanctions that the Premier League, EFL and The FA have announced and would be enforcing beginning from the new season

FA to sanction offenders

Yellow cards will be issued to players who:

  • Show visibly disrespectful behaviour to any match official
  • Respond aggressively to decisions
  • Confront an official face to face
  • Run towards an official to contest a decision
  •  Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards match officials;
  • Physical contact with any match official in a non-aggressive manner;

Red Cards will be Issued to 

  • players who confront match officials and use offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures towards them.
  • Physical contact with match officials in an aggressive or confrontational manner.

Surrounding match officials

  • A yellow card for at least one player when two or more from a team surround a match official.
  • The FA will continue to sanction teams when they surround match officials.

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Conduct in the technical area

Behaviour by players and club staff in the technical area will be more rigorously enforced

  • The requirements of the Technical Area Code of Conduct will be more rigorously enforced for players and club staff.
  • Additionally, match officials will be required to retain professional detachment from players and club staff at all times.