Stop Shaving Your Pubic Hair – Expert Warns


If you are among those who either wax or completely shave their pubic hair, you are at risk because total removal of hair in that area could cause infection. This was revealed by an Abuja-based medical practitioner, Dr. Arikawe Adeolu, in an interview with newsmen in the nation’s capital on Tuesday, October 4.

According to him, when the hair around the pubic area is completely shaved or waxed, it could result in cracks and expose the skin to bacterial infection. He also explained that the pubic hair served a primary purpose of providing some level of cushioning for an individual, especially during sexual activity, preventing the skin from rubbing against another and causing abrasion.

In addition, Adeolu further revealed that if the skin around the pubic region was totally shaved and the individual’s skin came into contact with another person’s skin, friction would be increased due to the skin to skin contact.

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Rather than complete shaving or waxing of the pubic hair, he advised that individuals who were worried about the lack of hygiene due to untended pubic hair should consider trimming.

Experts Warn Against Shaving And Waxing Of Pubic Hair

His words:

“When you completely shave the pubic hair, it re-grows in a slanted fashion with the tip sometimes growing into the pubic skin, which can crack open the skin. It is usually a small crack which cannot be seen with the naked eyes but due to this crack and loss of integrity of the skin at that level, there is increased risk of getting infection.

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“Complete shaving can also cause boil to develop in that region. This is because when you shave, you cause some level of abrasion in the area which opens up the skin. These small openings cannot be seen with the eye but they are big enough for the micro organisms to get into the body.

“Also, because the pubic area is always moist, this serves as breeding ground for organisms like bacteria.”

The medical expert went on to say that trimming the pubic hair would also help to reduce the risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infection (STDs), which could also be contacted when fluid from an infected partner’s genitalia came into contact with the pubic area.

“You also have an increased risk of contracting other STIs such as HIV, Hepatitis, genital warts by complete shaving of the pubic hair”, Adeolu said.