Evidence That Shows The Hazardous Effect Of Soda


Have you ever sat to imagine what happens in your body system as a result of the things you take in as food? Do you really think your (maybe constant) ill-health is as a result of what you consume? Maybe it’s time to start thinking in that direction because a stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

Soda is one of the highest diseases causing consumables across the globe today and Nigeria is no exception. It is also found in almost every canned beverage out there in any store. From soft drinks to packet juice, you find a considerable amount of soda, capable of damaging consequences in them. It is packed with high fructose corn syrup, and is one of the driving factors behind the rise of type 2 diabetes. High fructose corn syrup is also made from nearly 100% genetically modified corn, guaranteeing a high level of pesticides in it.


There are many identified uses for soda but surprisingly none of that includes consumption. They are largely meant for commercial usage alone. But more people are getting addicted to soda-related products everyday. Some can’t stay with consuming a bottle of “coke” or “pepsi” daily. Some even go as far as 3 to 5 bottles everyday. This is poison! This “addictive” tendency is as a result of the high fructose corn syrup. Combine that with the caffeine, you can tell what that means.

Watch these videos to see what happens when coke or any soda-contained beverage is boiled or mixed with milk:

This is not all.  If you go ahead to boil the soda drink, be it Coca cola, Pepsi or any of them to a certain degree, (let’s say, 15 minutes), you will be surprised at what you will see.


Stop drinking soda drinks. They only result in obesity, osteoporosis, dental erosion, diabetes, kidney and liver damage, high blood pressure, dehydration, irregular digestion, heartburn, and so much more. Beside all this, I think you should be aware that there are 23 teaspoons of sugar in every 300ml of Pepsi you consume…alarming, huh? Learn to blend fresh fruits or start exploring other healthier options such as fresh fruit juice, aloe vera juice, soya milk, green tea, lemon juice, coconut water etc.