Masturbation: Uniport Student Outline Reasons Why Every Woman Should Masturbate


The subject of masturbation is usually not discussed openly because it is believed to be a form of sexual perversion. While many people who indulge in it are looking for a way out, a young female undergraduate student of the University of Port Harcourt has advocated for women to bring themselves to experience orgasm through masturbation because men do not understand the sexual needs of the female folk and as a result, are unable to bring them to the climax of sexual intercourse.

The young woman, Ifediba Oluchi Anne, in a Facebook post, narrated the benefits of solo sex act but did not forget to warn that it is addictive.

Below is what she wrote:

“I Think Every Woman Should Masturbate at Least Once in Her Lifetime and This is Why

“This is what orgasm felt like to me the first time I experienced it;

“My eyes rolled back into my sockets. There was a tingling sensation in my vagina followed by my muscles tensing up quickly. I didn’t want the sensation to go away so I kept rubbing my clit at a faster pace. The faster I rubbed, the better the sweet sensation got. Everything kept coming to a climax. I didn’t care where I was or how I got to that stage. I kept rubbing it so hard till my muscles contracted, fluids flowed out and my body felt at peace”.

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“Most women have never experienced orgasm. They have heard the word and heard tales of what it felt like to experience this sensation. A good percentage of these women will leave this world never knowing what orgasm feels like.

“I used to be like those women. The ones who believed sex was only about thrusting in and out of the penis. I used to be like the women who had no idea what an orgasm was. All that changed when I tried out masturbation.

“A good percentage of men do not understand women’s needs. They believe all that there is to making a lady cum is sucking her nipples, pressing her nyash and using their fingers to rub roughly on the vagina.

For men, reaching orgasm is easy. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort to make a lady reach orgasm.

“No one will ever know or understand your body like you will. These men do not care so much for our sexual needs and we on the other hand just fake orgasms to save their pride and end a boring sex session quickly.

“Every lady should try out masturbation at least once or twice. Although this solo sexual act has been condemned by the religious fanatics in Nigeria, it does a lot of good.

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  • Masturbation keeps you happy
  • Masturbation helps in keeping that pussy tight because of the contraction of the pelvic floors. Why waste your time on kegels?
  • Masturbation relieves stress
  • Masturbation makes you more in tune with your body thus boosting self-confidence
  • Masturbation makes you enjoy sexual activity with your partner.
  • If you have been having sleepless nights, try masturbating and watch yourself sleep like a baby.

“Every lady deserves to experience what orgasm really feels like. If you ever want to know what true orgasm is, then lay yourself on that bed, grab some porno and play with your vayjay. You can’t tell a man how to sex you if you do not know what brings you maximum pleasure.

“If you are able to bring yourself to orgasm, you will stop settling for the crappy sex most men offer.

“PS– Masturbation can become addictive.”