Shocking! This Is What Yinusa Did Immediately Ese Oruru Gave Birth


Yinusa Dahiru, the man from Kano State who allegedly abducted, raped and impregnated 14-year old Ese Oruru, named the baby girl from prison after he was informed about her delivery. Mr. Dahiru named the baby Fatima. In Arabic the meaning of the name Fatima is ‘captivating.’

Recall that Ese was delivered of a baby girl on the morning of Thursday, May 26, at a Government House Clinic after she went into labour at her Police Officers Mess which was her temporary residence.

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Yinusa was granted bail since April but has however, remained at the Okaka Medium Security Prisons having been unable to meet the bail conditions. According to The Sun, he was reported to have broken into smiles when he was told that Ese had given birth to a baby girl.

Sources at Okaka Prison disclosed that Yinusa was very exited over the news and he immediately said he was going to name her Fatima, a name borne by the daughter of Prophet Muahammed. It was also gathered that Yinusa was said to have expressed eagerness to see his daughter when he was told that the girl took after his complexion. A prison source said:

“Yinusa has been told about the birth of a baby girl by Ese Oruru. He was called from Kano and told that he has a daughter after the Internet pictures were confirmed to be true. He was very elated over the news and he immediately gave her the name Fatima after the daughter of Prophet Mohammed and because of the circumstances surrounding the birth of the girl, which he believes is divine.

“The name Fatima is the personification of high virtues and purity. As I talk to you, I can tell you that he is eagerly waiting to see the daughter.”

Meanwhile, the father of the 14-year old Ese, Charles Oruru, said he has not yet given a name to the newborn . As he said, the family is short of funds and has no plans of organising a naming ceremony in line with the tradition. Charles Oruru declared that it is not a matter of interest to him if Yinusa has been told about the birth of the baby saying:

“The family is willing to forgive Yinusa if he shows remorse and apologises for his mistakes in abducting Ese to Kano.

“I don’t want to know if he has been told about the birth of the girl and has given her a name. All I know is that I am yet to give her a name. We don’t have money, so we are not thinking of a naming ceremony.

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“As I said before, we are grateful to God that she delivered  safely. As for Yinusa he has not realized his mistakes for him to show remorse. He has to apologise for the whole world to hear before we would now talk of forgiveness because the case is beyond us now, the whole world is aware.”

Apology or no apology, Mr. Yinusa must be made to face the punishment he deserves for ruining the life of a promising young girl as a deterrent to others who might be nursing the same idea. Forcing a child into motherhood is a crime that cannot be swept under the carpet no matter how much he apologises.