If Groundnut Was Nigeria’s Major Source Of Income Would The South Control It? – Edwin Clark


Following the problems of insecurity and militancy in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Chief Edwin Clark has said that the injustice in handling the oil sector is one of the reasons for it.

Edwin Clark, a former federal commissioner of information said this while talking about the situation in the Niger Delta region during an interview with Vanguard, saying that it was not fair that the board in charge of oil was dominated by northerners.

His words:

“A situation whereby what is being produced in my area, someone wants me to beg for it, beg for any benefit from him, I think the situation should be the other way round. Some people feel so arrogant, they believe that the oil which is being produced in the Niger Delta, they own it, and we should have nothing from it, which is not true, and we will not accept it.

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“They believe that the management of the oil should be in their hands which they are now doing. For instance, I have said it before, the new board established by Mr. President for NNPC is made up of nine members. Six of them come from the north, non-oil-producing communities. One from the south-west, then the chairman which is a part-time position, the minister, then the other one is from Cross River.

“So, would they (northerners) allow it, if there is a groundnut board developed and established in a place in the north, particularly in Kano, and if members of that board come from the south, would they allow it? We own this country together. Live and let live.

“We must have respect for one another and have trust for one another. No one is a second-class citizen in his country. So, if there is a group which holds such sentiments, they are just making a mistake. We are not hijacking anybody.

“We came with our points to Mr. President; we did not come in an aggressive way, and we had a good discussion with him. Mr. President is the president of Nigeria and not the president of a particular group of northerners. So, if we have points to discuss with Mr. President, we do not have to take permission from anybody. I think that is what I should tell the North.”