Haters Give Reasons Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Deserve To Be Named Person Of The Year


The US President-elect Donald Trump was named Person of the Year [2016] by Time magazine. Sadly, a lot of his non-fans are angry about it.

The property tycoon and reality TV star completed one of the biggest upsets in political history when he beat Hillary Clinton to the White House.

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Mr. Trump told NBC shortly after the announcement it was a “great honour” which “meant a lot” to him.

Aside Hillary Clinton. the US president-elect was recognized ahead of gold-medal winning US gymnast Simone Biles, singer Beyonce Knowles and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Vladimir Putin that made the top 10 shortlist.

Being named Time’s Person of the Year for 2016, Mr. Trump has joined an illustrious list of the great and the not-always-so-good.

According to Time, ‘Person of the Year’ is awarded to one who has done the most to influence the events of the year. Meanwhile, the magazine had once featured Trump far back in 1989.

Time Magazine

Angry With Time Magazine For Naming Trump Person of the Year?
Donald Trump on Time Magazine Cover 1989 Vs 2016

For this year’s award, several people believe Trump doesn’t fit that description and they didn’t hold back their disappointment as they backlashed both him and the magazine.

Read some of their comments:

@sharondorion1: “How does an egotistical, narcissistic man who has proven that he lies and fabricates and is a womanizer become Person of The Year.”

@maissrsly: “Trump is Time’s person of the year? You couldn’t find anyone that has done anything good for the world/the US???????”

@priyab123: “Did Time magazine mean to put “worst person of the year”??

@LustySpring: “Time’s person of the year is someone who has made racism, bullying and misogyny, acceptable again. Shame on them.”

@imillhiser: “If the Time Person of the Year is supposed to be whoever did the most to change the world, it should be James Comey and Russian hackers.”

@HannyPerezxox: “So the idiot that won the presidency is also voted as @Time’s Person of the Year. Wow, tremendous.”

@TheRickyDavila: “#Trump is Time’s Person Of The Year? He cares only for himself so a cover page seems about right. Trump Foundation could pay to frame it.”

@hobbledehoyboy: “Hillary should have been person of the year, just sayin.”

@JustMadeByNate: “Time Magazine’s 90th Person of the Year choice, and their first Person We Should Fear choice.”

@killerma: “I’m glad Trump is Person of The Year. People can look back and learn from this mistake. And that’s what he is. A mistake.

@mitchellvii: “The “Person of the Year” may be the last thing Time does that anyone still pays attention to.”

What do you have to say about this ‘honour’ given to Trump by Time Magazine?