Mavin Dynasty: Don Jazzy Reveals Inside Details About The Music Business


Don Jazzy Reveals Inside Details About Running The Music Business

Mavin Records CEO, Don Jazzy shared a bit about his past and running the music business in a recent interview on the SME platfrom in Lagos.

Speaking about his past, Don Jazzy reveals that when he first started out, he didn’t take music as a business.

He said:

When we started at first, it wasn’t really seen as a business to us. We were just guys that had the passion for the music.

We knew that if we had good products to sell, we would get popular and then the money would start to come.

We were not thinking about the labor or capital initially.

Later on, we started looking at it as a viable business before we decided to start structuring things.

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I actually think we started late in putting together a structure for the business.

I got it right a little bit with Mo’Hits Records, but I perfected it with Mavin Records.

However, I would say that with the mistakes we made from Mo’Hits Records where we were just learning on the go, we got better at doing things in Mavin where we just put what we had learned to play.


Talking about collaborations and promoting new artistes, Don Jazzy shared his a little bit on the Mavin strategy:

The first song collaboration that we did was “Dorobucci” before “Looku Looku”.

I recently signed new artistes and three of them are relatively new in the game.

We thought of the best ways to get them as popular as possible, riding off the popularity of me, Tiwa Savage and D’Prince, and so we decided to do the collaboration.

We do that from time to time. Although, it is easier for you to go to the radio stations and introduce yourself and your song with features by Don Jazzy and Tiwa Savage.

Now that I have signed new artistes, I may think of some other ways to incorporate them.

Although Mavin is succesful, not without its own challenges, highlights Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy Reveals His Hiring Secret At the Mavin Dynasty

Don Jazzy reveals that human resources still remains one of the industry’s greatest challenges.

He revealed further:

One of the challenges that we have in the industry is actually human resources.

We are looking for people that can handle different things.

For example, Mavin is successful today not just because of Don Jazzy, but also because I give professionals different arms of the business to handle.


Don Jazzy reveals his hiring secret at the Mavin Dynasty.

I have had different reasons for signing almost every artiste under the Mavin label.

There is no one that has been the same. If I am looking for an artiste, it’s either I put out a word or they contact me.

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There are others that get to me through someone else that knows me closely.

In business nowadays, people always forget to work with the heart.

It is not every time that you go for skills. Asides the fact that my people have skills, I also look at the heart before I then look at the long term.

It is better for me if we can work longer together instead of us to work for only a short period because you feel you have too much skills.

If I see loyalty in the person, I know that he or she is someone I can bring up.

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