Depressed? These Techniques Will Handle the Situation Faster Than Pills


Depression is not a state of mind like most people think, it is a health condition that can lead to suicide and death in very severe cases. People suffering from this condition usually feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worthless, guilty, and even restless at times. In Nigeria, cases of depression are waved aside because of the myth that depression is a white man’s disease.

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Generally, humans have low and high times, but because most people have found temporal alternatives to handling depression, it seems it is no longer a big deal. Depression can occur as a result of severe chemical imbalance and this requires medical attention, while for some other people, the condition may come as mood swings or a long-term feeling of failure and rejection. The good news is “you are not alone.”


Most depressed people take to drugs, alcohol and sex as a way of burying their bad moods. Some others with chemical imbalance take medical prescriptions which over prolonged use can be addictive and may eventually become ineffective.

Things You Can do to Get Over Depression

There are natural ways to handle depression without visiting the doctor or spending money on medications. Nature has already provided long-lasting treatments that works faster than those happy pills. Here are techniques you can use to replace anti-depression medications.

1. Forgive

Carrying grudges for someone may lead to a heavy and depressing state. Many times people attract sad faces when they are unforgiving. Letting go of that hurt can just be the remedy needed to overcome angry-related depression.

2. Listen to Music

Music and depression

Music helps you express your emotions. It’s melodic encouragement helps you let go of suppressed feelings. A study published in the British Journal showed that music is cathartic, especially drumming. The songs you listen to can affect your mood, even though some might make you even sadder to the point of tears. Once you have reached that limit, the music will soothe your pain and take away sadness.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is good for the body and mind. Sleep deprivation is a cheap distraction for depression that catches up to you within days. So, get enough rest and stop looking gloomy.

4. Be Grateful

Complaining about every single thing only attracts more negativity. Most times, instead on counting your blessings and feeling happy about your little achievements, you focus on the things that are not working. Change your perspective about life and be grateful for the things that are working right so that other areas of your life will follow suit. How about making a list of the top 10 things you’re grateful for?

5. Exercise

Exercise relieves depression

Exercise releases accumulated stress that sometimes make you feel downcast. Happiness is somehow guaranteed if you go sweat it out at the gym, meet people and get your mind occupied with positive things and how to achieve a healthier life. You can also get Bicycle and engage in cycling, it will make you feel better.

6. Go Shopping

Shopping has a way of alleviating one’s mood. So the moment you sense depression creeping in, just go out to a mall and shop. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, go window shopping. By the time you are done walking around and feeding your eyes with all the good stuff you want to have, you will feel much more better.

7. Set goals

It’s inspirational when we write down our goals. Our brain chemistry switches, neurons go up, hormones are released and we start thinking about how we can make those goals happen. At that point the last thing on your mind will be what made you sad at the first place.

8. Enjoy Sunlight

Some people have a disorder that is due to a lack of sunlight. They experience seasonal sadness during the rainy season and when the sun comes out they feel better. If you notice you are a seasonal sadist, engage in regular walks for about 30 minute under the sunlight. Allow the sun rays sap all the depression away.

9. Step-up Water Intake

Water cures Depression

Water has no enemy but the issue is we hardly drink enough water, rather we take more of beverage drinks. If you have noticed, on days when you drink more water, you feel lighter, happier and more effective. But on other days when you don’t you just feel your body system is not in sync with what is happening around you, making you feel all is not well.

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10. Watch Comedy

Laughter is known to be an effective cure for depression that is why Nigerians are among the happiest people on earth, irrespective of the surrounding crisis. There are lots of comedians to listen to or watch to take off pressure and replace it with some inner kind of joy.

11. Keep Healthier Friendships

Good friends are your life force, support system and everything that matters. They will hold you when the chips are down. It’s easy to make friends if you put the time in. Everyone wants to be paid attention to. Begin by listening, appreciating and loving and it will come back to you. At times when you feel the world is not in your favour, a friend’s shoulder will be relevant for you to lean on and take solace.

12. Read More 

There’s this myth that if you want to hide anything from an African, put it in a book! Be among the few Nigerians that find answers from the experience of other people who wrote theirs down. You won’t live that long to know everything, so reading books will give you answers that you seek as well as take you to a world outside your sphere of problems.

13. Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary reduces depression

This may not be the best escape route for some people, but it can engaging. Many great books were written by people who were, at the moment, going through a period of pain and suffering. Being depressed can make you feel helpless and alone.

You can make your dairy your best friend, start by saying . . . dear diary, and write all you are feeling at the moment. You might just turn that into a commercial journal for people experiencing similar situations to learn from and be motivated.

14. Play Games

All work and no play does not only make Jack a dull boy but a depressed one. On a lighter note, engaging in games – board, mind and even physical ones, can go a long way to lighten your mood whenever you feel depressed. You can play alone or with friends, it doesn’t matter, games activates your brain and makes you more intellectually fit.

15. Pray

At the end of the day, only the one who created humans can heal. Ask your creator about his purpose for your life. Only when you can see the bigger picture will you be able to console yourself that the situation depressing you currently is only for the moment, as a better life awaits you.