Delta State Pastor Impregnates Nine Church Members


A self acclaimed pastor in Delta State, simply know as Dukes, is currently under fire for allegedly sleeping with and impregnating 9 women made up of seven single ladies and two married women in his church.

Considering his position as the church leader, he preaches, organises fellowships for youths and holds counselling sessions. But several members of his church have claimed that he performs more duties than meets the eyes.

The ‘man of God’ who is the founder of the ‘Light of God Ministries’ in Umunede, Delta State, is said to have carried on with the act of seducing and sleeping with his female church members for two years.

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In agreement with the claims of his church members, some other reports emerged saying that the pastor had also lured several young girls in neighbouring communities to bed under the pretext of helping them attract suitors before he eventually moved to Umunede after his shady activities were found out.

According to Josephine Ogor, a member of his church;

“The self -acclaimed reverend uses preaching, choirs and organised youth fellowship to get young girls. That was what he did in Ute-Okpu, Otolokpo neighbouring communities before he moved into Umunede and he was driven away by the elders of the communities, he likes girls of 15, 16 and 17 years he sleeps with.”

Some of his victims, Awele John, Marble Ogoan and Rosemary Iwendi, who claimed they were tricked into having sexual relations with him through magical powers, said:

“The man is fake, he uses magical powers to woo young girls he sleeps with, that was how we fell into his net, and our eyes were opened.”

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One of the married women who was caught in the web of the Delta State pastor, confessed she had gone to the house of the pastor to complain about the frequent misunderstanding she has with her husband hoping for a possible permanent solution when Pastor Dukes gave her anointed oil and instructed her to rub and take from it but surprisingly, she found herself in love-making with the supposed fake pastor during the night.

“I saw myself having sexual intercourse with the Reverend in my sleep and I was shocked before I made it known to my husband,” she said.

Further investigations showed that the pastor’s usual method of operation is to give out bottles of olive oil to unsuspecting female seekers of miracle, young girls in desperate need of a husband, among others, thereby keeping them attached to him before finally sleeping with them.

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Reacting to the allegations however, Dukes banished the claims saying it is only an attempt to blackmail and kill him as a true man of God, adding that those who claimed to be pregnant by him designed a plot to kill him.

As he said: “I am not responsible for their pregnancies, they are liars.”

Two investigating police officers at the Agbor Police Division who preferred to remain anonymous said:

“We are currently investigating the Reverend after some parents of the girls he allegedly seduced reported the matter at the station, we have earlier arrested and released him on bail while investigation is ongoing.”

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