David Beckham Hails Ibrahimovic As Greatest Player Ever


Zlatan Ibrahimovic was honour with a 2.7metre monument Monument Statue built outside the Friends Arena in Sweden’s capital city following his Golden Ball award as the country’s best male player for the tenth year in a row.

Both Beckham and Ibrahimovic had won the Ligue 1 title together at PSG 

David Beckham, who considers Zlatan Ibrahimovic a ‘good friend,’ has lauded the Red Devils hit-man after he won the 10th successive Swedish Player of the Year 2016.

The TV4 quoted Beckham’s words to the Swedish player and he stated thus:

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Paris Saint-Germain's Beckham congratulates Ibrahimovic after his goal against Olympic Marseille in their French Ligue 1 soccer match at Parc des Princes stadium in Paris
David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

His physique, his passion, his love for the game, hasn’t changed. He’s still one of the greatest players that has ever played the game.

“One of the reasons why I’m happy he is now playing at Manchester United, my team. Thanks for that, Zlatan.”

Meanwhile, the Manchester United forward has had his statue erected as an honour for all his achievements in the soccer world.

The 35-year-old giant has reportedly played 114 games and scored 62 goals for Sweden before retiring after Euro 2016. Ibrahimovic has now won the Golden Ball a record 11 times – since its inception in 1946 no other player has won the award more than twice.

He expressed his delight at the gesture during the award ceremony. Here’s what he said:

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David Beckham Hails Man.U Zlatan Ibrahimovic As Greatest Player Ever
Zlatan Ibrahimovic receives Golden Ball award and Monument Statue in honour of his Football career.

“It feels unreal. Many are thinking ‘Why him?’ and so on, but after all the hard work over 15 years in the national team and 20 years in my club career, it feels like it’s being appreciated. 

“You usually get this after you die, but I still feel alive. When I die, this (statue) will live on forever,” said the 35-year-old.