Danish Woman Rescues Boy Abandoned And Accused Of Witchcraft In Uyo


A Danish Philanthropist, Anja Ringgren Lovén, rescued a little boy, who was abandoned by his family because they claimed he was a ‘witch’.
They left the boy naked, sick and he was found foundering on the streets of Uyo in Akwa Ibom state. He had been abandoned for weeks without food and left to die before the founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation (ACAEDF), who lives in Uyo with her partner and son, came to his aid. The photo of the malnourished child could be mistaking for that from a famine, due to the long term starvation the little boy was subjected to by the same people who gave birth to him.

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His story has come to light after a picture of Anja Ringgren Lovén feeding the little boy, now re-named Hope, went viral on social network. It was all over Facebook and people kept liking, commenting and sharing the news, out of pity for the poor boy and in appreciation to the kind-hearted woman from Denmark.

The African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation was created with the vision to save ‘witch children’ and change the attitudes of Nigerian communities towards the archaic and cruel practice of witchcraft.

Often times in some part of Nigeria, children are accused of being witches by their family or villagers. They are often tortured or killed. Parents risk being killed if they let their child stay after an accusation. Anja saw this as a challenge that needed to be dealt with and her foundation is working hard to help educate the local communities, many of which are poor and uneducated, which keeps this practice alive.

When she posted this photo of Hope on her Facebook she accompanied it with a powerful message.

She wrote:

Thousands of children are being accused of being witches and we’ve both seen torture of children, dead children and frightened children. This footage shows why I fight. Why I sold everything I own. Why I’m moving out in uncharted territory, I have chosen to call the boy Hope for right now, we all hope that he survives.


Hope went through series of immediate health care and nutritional upgrade in the past days. He was given blood transfusion on daily basis and lots of diet. He is currently recovering, and already gaining weight with the love and support from the volunteer group that is taking care of him.

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