This Monstrous Creature Was Found By Chinese Fishermen

  • Chinese Fishermen spotted the odd creature in waters near Zhoushan, east China
  • A Chinese nature magazine says the fish could be a Beaked Whale 
  • People on the country’s social media have been debating what it could be 

Like some weird creatures roaming the aquatic world, this unknown huge crocodile-whale look alike, was found in the water by some Chinese fishermen. The fishermen were on their daily fishing routine in waters near Zhoushan in eastern China, but were shocked when they spotted the mysterious monster.

Report on DailyMail says there has been much confusion and contemplation on what kind of animal it could be, some suggested it could be a sturgeon or dolphin.

Description of the Creature Found by the Chinese Fishermen

This Monstrous Creature Was Found By Chinese Fishermen


Pictures emerging from the Chinese media show the mysterious creature seems to have a long beak like a crocodile’s and grey skin like a dolphin’s. It also appears to have two growths near the end of the beak-like mouth. The fishermen said they have never seen the animal before in the waters.

According to China’s Naturalist magazine, the creature looks like a beaked whale. This type of whale lives deep in the sea and is usually difficult to find, notable for it’s elongated beak, it dives deeper than 500 metres for food.

Dr Stephen D. Simpson, a senior lecturer in Marine Biology and Global Change University of Exeter, told MailOnline:

“This looks to be a male beaked whale of the species Mesoplodon densirostris. The two growths are actually upward facing teeth, which, believe it or not, are used to attract females.”

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Incidents of unknown sea creatures have been recorded, sometimes they are either washed up the coast alive or dead. But in most cases they don’t survive because there is usually no use for them. Just like the unknown water creature in the fish family once washed up at the Eleko beach in Lagos, there are never a clear explanation to these nature’s creations.