Corruption Free: Presidency Reveals President Buhari Is Free Of Any Corrupt Act


The presidency has described President Buhari as a man who is never involved in corrupt acts just to enrich himself.

According to the Personal Assitant to the President, Lauretta Onochie who sang praises for Buhari via her social media page, he is a leader who has lived all his life relying on paid salary alone to raise his family, hence Buhari has never been involved in sharp practices to unfairly line his pockets.

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Onochie responded in reaction to the recent order issued by the President to release the second tranche of the Paris club refund to the state governors. She assured Nigerians that the directive was aimed at alleviating the sufferings of Nigerian workers.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Our President Muhammadu Buhari is not a businessman. He has never been involved in doing business. He has always worked in areas where he earned salaries. That’s how he managed his family finances. Salaries.

“So he can never understand how families are expected to survive these harsh economic realities when they go month by month, without their salaries.

“President Buhari has run out of patience with Governors who are owing salaries and has ordered CBN, Finance Ministry to release the Paris Club refunds to states immediately.”

Onochie urged citizens in states where salaries have not been paid to rise above the intimidation and demand for what is rightfully theirs in an organised, peaceful manner.

“Nigerians in the states where salaries are owed, must become active citizens by insisting that their salaries be paid.

“They must camp in front of the government houses, peacefully till their salaries are fully paid.

“Enough of this taking Nigerians for a ride. Let’s stop making excuses for those who are standing on our heads.”

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During his presidential campaign, Mr. Buhari vowed to eradicate corruption in Nigeria through his tenure – a task that proved difficult but has brought some modicum of discipline among leaders who in the past had shamelessly looted the nation’s wealth.

However, cynicism has clouded the president’s efforts and intentions toward fighting corruption. Some Nigerians feel that his good intentions for Nigeria is not enough to solve the nation’s economic problems.

Transparency International has described a corruption free country as that which has high degree of press freedom, access to information about public expenditure, stronger standards of integrity for public officials, as well as independent judicial systems.