Comedian Jim Carrey Sued By Ex-Girlfriend’s Mom For Wrongful Death


Popular Actor-Comedian, Jim Carrey sued by ex-girlfriend’s mom.

The comic-actor got slammed with a lawsuit by the mother of his ex-girlfriend.

Cathriona White’s mom, Brigid Sweetman, claims in a new lawsuit that Cath overdosed after realizing Jim had given her 3 STDs.

She also claims Jim Carrey dumped his ex-girlfriend when she confronted him with her illness.

According to Cath’s mother, Jim did more than just infect her daughter.

The suit alleges Jim Carrey shamed her by calling her a “whore” and threatened her with the help of “fixers” who tried to silence her.

Mrs. Sweetman also disclosed in the suit that her daughter learned from a doctor in 2013 that she had contracted 2 types of herpes and chlamydia.

She alleges Carrey was first dismissive and later claimed she contracted any disease she might have had from someone else.

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Cath’s mom said when her daughter persisted, Carrey ended the relationship and said, “You have become too much drama.”

According to the lawsuit, the “fixers” scared her daughter into silence.

The suit claims Cathriona struggled emotionally before overdosing on Ambien, Propranolol and Percocet.

Jim Carrey Sued For Drugging Ex-Girlfriend

The drugs were allegedly owned by Jim Carrey, and the prescription was filled under a fake name.

In a rather shocking twist, Jim Carrey claims his late girlfriend had a broken relationship with her mother.

According to Carrey’s lawyer, Marty Singer, the two were estranged for years.

Singer also claims that Jim’s ex-girlfriend received a demoralizing message from her mom a few days before her suicide.

He alleges she then cut off all contact with her mother afterward.

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He also says Cath was forced to leave home at the age of 15 because of the way her mom treated her.

Carrey’s lawyer says the wrongful death suit filed by Cath’s mother, is headed down the “same dark path” as Cath’s estranged husband’s lawsuit.

Singer refers to the suit as a sham.

He also alleged that Carrey’s ex’s mom is directing her grief and rage over the loss of her daughter at his client.

Singer claims it is just another attempt to capitalize on her death.